A Tribute to Our Nation's Fight Against COVID-19

05 Aug 20

Saturdays are family days for many of us, yet for the past weekends, ME2 Yvonne Foo, Senior Assistant Engineer, Force Readiness Squadron, has been sacrificing time with her family to be at mobile column rehearsals. It has been especially challenging for the mother of two young children, aged 4 and 18 months, as she had to spend long hours away from them. But ME2 Foo saw this as an opportunity to challenge herself and contribute to our nation.

The support from her family is what kept her going. "My husband has been supportive of me ever since I told him I will be involved for NDP training. Besides encouraging me, he helps to take care of our children while I am away for rehearsals." ME2 Foo's 4-year-old daughter will also be cheering her on during the NDP telecast on 9 Aug. "She is very excited that I am involved in the NDP 2020 Mobile Column and is looking forward to seeing me in action. I hope to make her proud."

Despite the time away from her family, ME2 Foo never felt far from home. "My fellow Navy colleagues and I sweat, chit chat, eat and work together. We also look out for one another in term of safety. We are a family, the Navy family."

ME2 Foo is the commander of the High Mobility Cargo Transporter (HMCT) which will be transporting and displaying RSN's Heavy Weight Torpedo. These torpedoes are carried by our submarines to defend our sea lines of communication and can be launched to destroy and take down enemy ships. Her convoy will be driving through the south-eastern route.

"This year's NDP is special as we are celebrating it amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. On 9 Aug, my mobile column convoy will drive pass the Singapore Expo and pay tribute to our nation's fight against COVID-19. This is a meaningful moment as we will be showing our appreciation to the frontline healthcare workers with a military salute for their bravery and professionalism."

Thank you for your sacrifice, ME2 Yvonne Foo!