Always Mission-Ready

03 Jun 20

(Caption of photo above) After training extensively ashore, RSS Valiant goes out to sea for an inspection to certify that the ship is mission-ready. The inspection covers all aspects of the ship’s operations, including navigation, seamanship, engineering, gunnery and warfare.



Much effort goes into maintaining the operational readiness of our ships – ranging from training to logistics. RSS Valiant was recently put through their paces, beginning with drills conducted in the Combat Information Centre Simulation Trainer, followed by an assessment at sea by the 188 Squadron Inspection team.

RSS Valiant passed with flying colours and is currently staying in camp as a Critical Operation Unit (COU). Even as Singapore exits Circuit Breaker in phases, our COUs continue to stay in camp to ensure that we are operationally ready. Bravo Zulu to all the COUs as you stand your watch! 

"Missiles away on target tracked by UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), time-on-target minute two-five!"

"Missiles away on inbound enemy missiles dead ahead!"

RSS Valiant's Operations Officer, CPT Rastus Chow, leads his Combat Information Centre (CIC) team in an anti-surface warfare drill at the CIC Simulation Trainer (CST). From launching a UAV, to tracking a target, to firing missiles - every single procedure is drilled.

The CST allows the CIC team to train in a wide variety of highly realistic scenarios. It also allows team members to replay and refine their actions and procedures. 

ME3 Chua Boon Keong (right), 188 Squadron Chief for Command and Control Systems (C2), conducts a debrief of the inspection with CPT Chow (left).

As the Squadron Chief C2, ME3 Chua is part of the squadron’s combat training team that oversees the combat standards of the missile corvettes by assessing their capabilities and procedures. Even during COVID-19 circuit breaker, he continued to train and assess the missile corvette team. This even meant joining the COUs to stay in camp.

"It is fulfilling to know that I contribute to safeguard Singapore's waters even during this COVID-19 period, and I am grateful for my family's understanding when I have to be away from home." – ME3 Chua

During the six-week period away from home, CPT Chow's family has to make special arrangements to ensure that his two young children – two-year old Shalom and two-month old Micah – are well taken care of.

"As I reflect on the current situation, I understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. Many of our servicemen and servicewomen continue to make personal sacrifices to ensure that our armed forces remain operationally ready.

"I am deeply thankful that our parents continue to lend support to my wife and I, especially when I am not around to help out at home. I believe many of us share a similar sentiment – of immense gratitude for our family members who continue to provide unwavering support and understanding so that we have the peace of mind to fully focus on achieving mission success."