Fleet Turns 49

01 Sep 20

In the last 49 years, Fleet has flown the RSN's flag high in various engagements around the world, protecting our island nation and keeping the sea lines of communication open. As Fleet celebrates her anniversary today, Fleet's ships continue to be deployed far and wide! RSS Supreme has just completed the multinational Ex RIMPAC and Ex Pelican with Brunei. In addition, Fleet has conducted multiple Passage Exercises with partner navies such as Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan and United States this year without any physical contact between navies due to COVID-19 measures. RSS Persistence has also recently returned from a Midshipman Sea Training Deployment. 

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Fleet continues to maintain a high level of operational readiness and remains steadfast in standing watch as Defenders of Our Seas! Happy 49th Anniversary Fleet!