Military Expert (ME) 4 Ganasekar s/o Sinnalannu

Staff Officer, Maritime Training & Doctrine Command (MTDC)
What intrigued you about a career in the Navy?

The first enticing fact about the Navy is the opportunity it provides for its personnel to travel to various destinations across the world. However, as time went by, I started to have a broader perspective of the Navy. The comprehensive processes and opportunities available for both the development of the organisation and its people, together with the close-knit Navy family culture, intrigued me more than anything else to pursue a career with the Navy. I have benefitted from regular upgrading courses, which have lead to the assumption of higher appointments in my tour of duty. Beyond such in-house courses, I've also benefitted greatly in my personal upgrading through the sponsorship of both my Polytechnic and University education. 

Share with us what you do in your current role.

One of my key roles is to identify training gaps, design and develop new or improvised training curriculum. Recently, I developed the Small Arms Shooting Conducting Officer Module for Naval Officers and Weapon Systems for Naval Warfare System Experts, to qualify them for the conduct of small arms training on board. Training is an important aspect of ensuring our personnel are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for an evolving maritime landscape. 

Were you awarded with any scholarship since joining the Navy?

Yes, I have been awarded with two scholarships since joining the Navy. The first was a full salaried sponsorship to pursue a diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (Avionics) in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, in which I topped the course as a Gold medallist. I was later sponsored to pursue a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). 

What are the opportunities that working with advanced naval platforms offers to graduates with technical or engineering qualifications?

The state-of-the-art integrated systems and equipment on board the advanced naval platforms provide an avenue for graduates to hone their skills in maintaining the systems and equipment, as well as to perform defect rectification on them when needed. Such integrated systems also broaden the graduates' engineering knowledge through the complex engineering concepts behind these systems. This exposure serves as a platform for the graduates to stay ahead in the engineering market, and also provides the capacity for innovating new concepts for future developments. Eventually, this translates to opportunities in management-level positions to fulfill the Navy's requirements.

How has your character grown since you joined the RSN?

In a nutshell, the Navy has helped to transform me from an aimless youth to a go-getter. Having dropped out from a polytechnic education in my early years, the valuable interactions with officers and senior service personnel from the Navy influenced me to gain a good footing in life. I have started to plan for almost everything and adopted a proactive approach instead of waiting to be instructed. Such changes in perception and attitude reaped good results at work and won the admiration of many. These rewards include clinching the ‘Best Navigation Team’ and ‘Best Ship’ award on numerous occasions. Such recognition was followed by personal rewards in the form of scholarships to continue my education. This shift in character also enabled me to top the diploma course with a Gold medal.

What advice would you give to anyone who is considering joining the RSN?

The Navy is an ideal place to grow one’s potential and abilities. The close-knit family culture of the Navy allows close interaction with personnel from all ranks and seniority levels, which helps to broaden one’s mindset and perceptions. The ever-changing operating environments in the RSN’s missions provide numerous avenues to hone and expand your skills and abilities. The RSN has always been an organisation that recognises and rewards its servicemen for their valuable contributions. 

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