Training, logistics, security — these departments and more make the RSN a world-class force.

Naval Personnel Department (NPD)

The Naval Personnel Department prides itself on being a trusted HR department, recognising that people are its most valuable resource. It is committed to quality service in recruitment and development of our Navy personnel to meet organisational needs and realise that individual’s potential, while providing positive experiences for our people in a world-class Navy.

Naval Intelligence Department (NID)

The Naval Intelligence Department provides intelligence support for RSN strategic planning and operations. The department also leads the RSN in forging defence relations with partner navies and agencies to safeguard Singapore's maritime interests.

Naval Operations Department (NOD)

How do you run a naval operation or exercise? What is the protocol when humanitarian disaster strikes? These are the hard-hitting questions the Naval Operations Department must answer. Its responsibility is to formulate overarching policies including peace support operations and maritime security. Its mandate also includes strengthening the Navy’s integration with our Army and Air Force counterparts.

Naval Engineering and Logistics Department (NELD)

How do you design the best warship? How do ensure that our ships' systems are high performing and supportable throughout their operational lifespan? Engineers in the Naval Engineering and Logistics Department (NELD) bring their engineering know-how to ensure that we have the most effective and efficient ship. They also design, build and upkeep the engineering and logistics policies and systems, and lead the engineering and logistics community in ensuring the optimal state of system readiness and health for the RSN.

Naval Plans Department (NPLD)

Plan well, and you can fight hard. That's why the Naval Plans Department was formed to be responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of the overall long-term plans of the RSN. Its comprises Force Plans Branch, Infrastructure Development Branch, Future Concepts and Technology Branch, and Strategic Resource Office.

Naval Training Department (NTD)

We are proud of our ability to develop young men and women into one of the finest fighting forces in the world. And that’s thanks to the Naval Training Department, the central agency that defines, charts and drives our training strategy.

Naval Inspectorate (NIS)

Integrating safety into all that we do is a key value of the Navy. Formed in 1985, the Naval Inspectorate mandate is to oversee and monitor all aspects of safety in the RSN.

Navy Medical Service (NMS)

The Navy Medical Service (NMS) ensures comprehensive healthcare for all naval personnel – to protect their health and optimise their combat performance – to enhance the RSN's operational edge. The NMS has established itself as a regional leader in diving and underwater medicine, and leads the treatment and research in hyperbaric and diving medicine in Singapore.