Our Values

Whether we are at home or abroad, these are the eight key beliefs we pledge every day to uphold

Loyalty to Country

To many, loyalty means serving their country with pride. To us, it means not just defending the nation — but giving up our lives for it, if need be. It is a task we take up with pride. It is a task for our flag, for our families, and for our homeland.


In peacetime and in crisis, you need to be able to fully trust your team, whether it is your peers or your superiors. That’s why we hardwire leadership into all ranks, so each member can lead by example, inspiring their team not from afar, but standing right by their side.


Training at the RSN is anything but easy — and that is the point. You need inner strength, self-control and stamina. You need the discipline to do what needs to be done, no matter how hard the task. Why? Because more sweat in peacetime means less blood in wartime.


To wear an RSN uniform is to join a cadre of professionals: men and women who strive to excel, and serve with honour and integrity. Every task we tackle is done with a sense of duty and pride, whether it is patrolling dangerous seas or filling out operations reports.


Strength without integrity is not real strength at all. Honesty, reliability and fairness are unshakeable tenets of what we do, even under pressure. Because it is not just about fulfilling our mission: it is about doing so with exemplary conduct, always ensuring we use our skills to fight for justice.

Fighting Spirit

This is no easy job — but that is why we love it. To be a fighting fit force means hardwiring determination, aggressiveness and perseverance into our team. Armed with that spirit, there is no task we can’t do, no wave we can’t ride, no storm we can’t weather.

Care for Servicemen

To join the RSN is to join a second family. The rigours of our job mean that we form unshakeable bonds with each other. It means we forge team spirit and loyalty every day. It means we pick up our brothers when they falter, and raise them up when they succeed.


Safety first — at the RSN, this mantra is more than just a casual tag line. And with good reason: when storming beaches and repairing hulls in a thundering monsoon are part of your everyday, every chance we have to minimise danger is a chance to maximise efficiency.