JUL 2019

JUL 2019

First bomb disposal scenario at Exercise Tiger Balm

For the first time in the Exercise Tiger Balm series, the Singapore and United States (US) armies worked to mount a coordinated response to Improvised Explosive Device scenarios such as bombs and booby traps. This involved an integrated team of personnel from 36th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers and the US Army's 303rd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion.

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Smart targets that can fight back and retreat. Battlefield effects for added realism. Real-time tracking of soldier performance. These are some of the features of the new SAFTI City, which will provide realistic and challenging training for the Singapore Armed Forces in a wide range of operations. The facility will be completed progressively from 2023.


NDP 2019: State Flag Flypast - Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes to see how the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) works tirelessly to get ready for the iconic State Flag Flypast at the National Day Parade. From the 14-man flag party who rig a 30m x 20m flag to the RSAF's CH-47 Chinook helicopter at Pulau Sudong to the five-man crew who fly the helicopter across the Padang for the big show before returning to Pulau Sudong to drop off the flag – there's a lot more to the flypast than you might think!


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