JAN 2019

JAN 2019

National defence begins with me

No one can defend our home better that we ourselves can. And National Service (NS) is key in equipping Singaporeans with the ability to do so.

This was President Halimah Yacob's message to over 300 new officers of the Singapore Armed Forces, at the Officer Cadet Course Commissioning Parade held at SAFTI Military Institute on 15 Dec 2018. Despite the heavy downpour, the soldiers marched valiantly, drawing cheers from their families and friends in the grandstands.

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A Journey Like No Other: Episode 6 - Eyes on our Waters

Meet Military Expert (ME) 2 Tan Suan Ling, a Navigation Supervisor on board RSS Daring – a Fearless-class Patrol Vessel that helps to guard Singapore’s territorial waters. She works the ship’s radar system to report collision risks in the Strait of Singapore’s busy waters.

Find out more about how the Republic of Singapore Navy works with the Singapore Police Coast Guard to protect the country’s vital shipping lanes 24/7.


Journey of 32 clicks

What makes an infanteer of the Singapore Army? Follow the 37/18 batch of specialist cadets in their journey to earn the coveted Combat Skills Badge. They will go through a two-day navigation exercise and endure a 32km overnight route march that includes weapon-handling tests, a river-crossing and live firing.


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Closing Date: 10 February 2019