NS Square a Tribute to National Servicemen and Their Families; A Space for All to Enjoy

NS Square a Tribute to National Servicemen and Their Families; A Space for All to Enjoy



Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen officiated the groundbreaking ceremony of NS Square this afternoon. Also present were members of the Government Parliamentary Committee (Defence and Foreign Affairs), attendees from other Ministries and Statutory Boards and Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Singapore Police Force (SPF). The redevelopment of The Float @ Marina Bay to NS Square was first announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the NS50 celebrations in 2017 as a tribute to all past and present National Servicemen and their families. Overlooking the city skyline in the background, NS Square will be a permanent tribute and prominent reminder of the central role that National Service plays in ensuring Singapore's peace and prosperity.

NS Square will be a unique venue to stage large-scale national and community events, such as the National Day Parade (NDP) and the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown, host public events such as concerts, performances, sporting activities and competitions, as well as provide more spaces within Marina Bay for the public to enjoy community and recreational activities. When completed, NS Square will further enhance Marina Bay as a choice destination for Singaporeans to come together, reflect our local identity and strengthen our sense of belonging.

During the ceremony, Dr Ng emphasised the importance of National Service, the significance of NS Square and the recognition of the valuable contributions of past and present national servicemen and their network of support towards Singapore's defence and security. He said, "A strong SAF and Home Team can only be as strong as its people, and NSmen form the bulk of its fighting and operational forces. Without the commitment of NSmen, the SAF and Home Team cannot be strong and our deterrence will fail… NS Square aims to be a place for NSmen and their families to enjoy the peace and prosperity of a Singapore which they have protected over the years." He added, "This NS Square will be a new facility, but it will build upon the strong foundations of rich traditions, and legacies in our journey together as a nation… It will become a national landmark for all Singaporeans. It will be another jewel to add to the already impressive skyline around Marina Bay... and one given over to NSmen and their families to show our country's deep appreciation."  

Elaborating on the conceptualisation of the name of NS Square, Dr Ng added, "The name NS Square refers to our humble but instantly recognisable icon of military life... the Parade Square! That Parade Square, is both a recognition and reminder to all national servicemen  that their journey to become full-fledged soldiers began on the Parade Square - where discipline, strength, camaraderie, loyalty, integrity, among other values, were forged in them".

NS Square will be an attractive waterfront venue set against the signature skyline of Marina Bay. It will feature a new permanent stage deck and grandstand with an increased seating capacity of about 30,000 people, that will allow more Singaporeans to watch NDP and other events on-site each year. An NS-themed gallery within the development will showcase our nation's defence, and the stories and contributions of SAF, SPF and SCDF national servicemen across generations through various multimedia platforms and hardware displays. In addition, NS Square will be a community space with a new waterfront promenade, and house a variety of sports facilities and dining options for the public to enjoy all year round.

NS Square is designed with environmentally sustainable features to reduce its energy consumption and footprint. These include tapping into the Marina Bay District Cooling network[1] for its air-conditioning systems, and the use of solar panels to supplement its energy needs. The demolished materials from the Floating Platform – concrete and steel, will also be used to supplement the construction materials for constructing the new development.

NS Square is expected to be completed by 2027. More details on NS Square and its facilities will be available closer to its completion.

[1]Situated in the Marina Bay financial district, the Marina Bay District Cooling network is an underground, centralised energy system that distributes chilled water to supply air-conditioning to a network of buildings. This energy- and economically-efficient utility service improves the district's energy efficiency and reduces its carbon emissions.

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