402 Cadets Commissioned as SAF Officers

402 Cadets Commissioned as SAF Officers



Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance, Mr Chee Hong Tat reviewed the Officer Cadet Commissioning Parade at the SAFTI Military Institute this evening. A total of 402 cadets, comprising 327 from the Singapore Army, 42 from the Republic of Singapore Navy and 33 from the Republic of Singapore Air Force, were commissioned as officers of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Speaking at the parade, Mr Chee emphasised the need for a strong SAF amidst current global realities. He said, "We must ensure that our people continue to remain committed to defend Singapore and are well trained to fulfil their mission. And we must continue to raise capable and dedicated leaders who have the skills and mettle to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of us."

Addressing the graduands at the parade, Mr Chee reminded the newly commissioned officers of their responsibility as future leaders of the SAF. He said, "As future officers of the SAF, you will lead your soldiers, sailors, airmen and guardians in safeguarding the peace and stability of Singapore. You will be responsible for grooming the next generation of servicemen and women who will protect Singapore. To lead well, you will need to lead by example, be firm yet compassionate, and have the moral courage to do what is right."

The parade marked the completion of 38 weeks of rigorous training at the Officer Cadet School. The realistic training conducted during the course sharpened the cadets' combat, planning and leadership skills. The newly commissioned officers will go on to assume command, instructional or staff appointment in the SAF. Also present at the parade were Chief of Air Force Brigadier-General Kelvin Fan, senior Ministry of Defence and SAF officials, as well as families and friends of newly commissioned officers.

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