Third External Review Panel on SAF Safety Visits the Commando Formation

Third External Review Panel on SAF Safety Visits the Commando Formation



The third External Review Panel on SAF Safety (ERPSS) made a field visit to the Commando Formation at Pasir Ris Camp today. During the visit, members of the panel were briefed on the various aspects of Commando training and its safety management system. They also visited the Parachute Flight Simulator and observed trainees undergoing training at the Airborne-Trooper Training and Rappelling Training Facilities.

Over the years, the ERPSS provides its assessment on the SAF's safety practices through visits to the various formations, and recommends improvements to build a stronger safety system and culture in the SAF. Since its inauguration in February 2021, the third ERPSS has made nine visits and witnessed local and overseas training conducted across various SAF formations and units, including the Officer Cadet School, Basic Military Training Centre, Air Force Training Command and the Naval Diving Unit. Commenting on the role of the ERPSS, Chief of Staff-Joint Staff/SAF Inspector-General, Brigadier-General Frederick Choo said, "The perspectives and recommendations of the ERPSS have been very valuable to the SAF. It allows us to benchmark against the leading safety practices in the industry. During each of the visits to the formations and units, the members will also engage the soldiers to assess whether safety practices have taken root on the ground. We continue to look forward to the contributions of the ERPSS as we build and sustain an enduring safety culture in the SAF."

Chairman of the third ERPSS, Mr Heng Chiang Gnee commended the SAF on its continued effort to enhance its safety systems and culture. He said, "If you look at the SAF safety management system, it is among the leading organisations, if you compare even with the private sector … in the third ERPSS, there has been greater focus on how we can give inputs on enhancing culture building. I am very happy to say that in the third ERPSS we can see that the health component has been very well integrated into safety ... the experience by a lot of countries in other places is that if you address health well, the safety outcome can be enhanced." He recounted the panel's previous visits and added, "In the last few visits to various formations, we have also had the privilege to look at how the mental health aspect has been addressed within the SAF and I will say that this is a very strong dimension within the SAF … The other key aspect is in digitalisation, which I think MINDEF has moved in a much bigger way during the third ERPSS, on how records are being digitised and how digitisation through the adoption of hardware and so on have enhanced the overall safety management within the SAF."

The ERPSS comprises relevant experts and professionals from the industry and academia sectors. The varied backgrounds and experiences of the ERPSS members serve to capture a broad spectrum of views and perspectives on safety best practices to strengthen the SAF's safety management system and processes. The first ERPSS was inaugurated in Oct 2013. A new panel will be convened when the tenure of the third ERPSS ends in Feb 2024.

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