AI Singapore and the Digital and Intelligence Service Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Enhance AI Capabilities for Singapore's Digital Defence

AI Singapore and the Digital and Intelligence Service Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Enhance AI Capabilities for Singapore's Digital Defence




Senior Minister of State for Defence Mr Heng Chee How officiated the inaugural AI Student Developer Conference at the Lifelong Learning Institute today. Organised by AI Singapore (AISG) and attended by more than 300 participants, the conference allowed attendees to gain insights into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the AI industry through panel discussions, interactive booths and workshops, as well as explore career opportunities with industry partners. As part of the conference, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between AISG and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)'s Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS) was signed.

Delivering the opening address at the conference, Mr Heng said that, "Outside of the defence-specific sector partners, DIS is also enlarging its engagement with the wider technology ecosystem, including engagement with the commercial sector and academia… This MOU is another example of DIS's pursuit in this direction of engagement, augmenting our ongoing efforts to build and sustain a strong and capable workforce and talent pipeline to strengthen and sharpen the SAF's digital cutting edge."

The MOU between AISG and the DIS was signed by Head of LearnAI at AISG, Mr Koo Sengmeng and DIS Chief Digitalisation Officer Military Expert 7 (ME7) Guo Jinghua. Senior Director of AI Governance at AISG, Prof Simon Chesterman and Chief of Digital and Intelligence Service/Director Military Intelligence, Brigadier-General Lee Yi-Jin witnessed the signing of the MOU, which formalises the collaboration in deepening national AI expertise for Singapore's digital defence.

The MOU will further collaboration and strengthen the DIS's capability development in Data Science and AI (DSAI). The DIS will need to keep pace with, and agilely harness the rapid pace of AI innovation in academia and industry, to complement the strong AI capabilities of the Defence Technology Community. This is crucial for the DIS to better exploit the vast and growing volume of data in the digital domain, and effectively detect and respond to the increasing digital threats facing Singapore and Singaporeans. The DIS will leverage AISG's industry and talent development programmes including the 100 Experiments (100E) and AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) to expand the DIS's capacity to deploy advance AI techniques, such as the use of Large Language Models and Reinforcement Learning, and integrate them into operations of the DIS and the SAF.

The DIS will also work with AISG to develop and expand its workforce. Through the introduction of AISG's LearnAI courses, the DIS will expand its course offerings for DIS personnel's professional upskilling. The DIS will also leverage AISG's existing networks of students to sustain the DSAI talent pipeline, while supporting AISG's mandate of growing and developing a national digital workforce. The DIS will enable national talents in AISG's AIAP, who are undergoing AI deep-skilling, to contribute to national defence via their involvement in the various projects supporting the DIS. The DIS will also offer employment opportunities to these talents where suitable. In addition, AISG will share about National Service (NS) and career opportunities in the DIS, such as the Digital Work-Learn Scheme[1], with students from the AISG Student Outreach Programme.

Highlighting the importance of the MOU for Singapore's digital defence, Mr Koo said, "Our partnership with the DIS will ensure that Singapore has a robust and resilient pipeline of AI talents that have knowledge of issues related to national defence and possess the relevant expertise to protect our digital borders and safeguard Singapore. We look forward to working closely with the DIS to collectively deepen the core competencies of our next-generation Singapore Armed Forces to stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow."

ME7 Guo said, "The DIS and AISG are working towards our common goal of strengthening digital capabilities to safeguard Singapore. The effective use of AI is crucial for the SAF's mission success. We need to better reap the dynamic AI innovations in academia and industry, and integrate them into SAF operations. Our partnership with AISG is therefore an important part of our approach to leverage cutting-edge AI innovations. Beyond AI capability development, our partnership with AISG will help grow the DIS digital fighting force to defend Singapore in the digital domain, and contribute to the national AI talent pipeline through various schemes such as the Digital Work-Learn Scheme."

[1]Servicemen under the WLS will serve for four years as Digital Specialists in the SAF, in a combination of full-time National Service and Regular service, developing data science, software development and AI skills through vocational, on-the-job and academic training.

About AI Singapore

AI Singapore (AISG) is a national AI programme launched by the National Research Foundation (NRF), Singapore to anchor deep national capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) to create social and economic impacts through AI, grow the local talent, build an AI ecosystem, and put Singapore on the world map.

AISG brings together Singapore-based research institutions and the vibrant ecosystem of AI start-ups and companies developing AI products to perform applications-inspired research, grow the knowledge, create the tools, and develop the talent to power Singapore's AI efforts.

AISG is driven by a government-wide partnership comprising NRF, the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO), Economic Development Board (EDB), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), SGInnovate, and the Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS).

Details of some of its programmes can be found below:

100 Experiments (100E)

AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)


For more information on AISG and its programmes, please visit:

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Instagram: @ai_singapore



About The DIS

As part of the transformation of the Next Generation SAF, the Digital and Intelligence Service, the fourth Service of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) was established in 2022. The DIS sees the consolidation and integration of existing Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) as well as cyber capabilities of the SAF. As a dedicated Service, the DIS will raise, train and sustain digital forces and capabilities to fulfil its mission to defend the peace and security of Singapore from the evolving and increasingly complex threats in the digital domain.

The mission of the DIS is to defend and dominate in the digital domain. As part of an integrated SAF, the DIS will enhance Singapore's security, from peace to war. The DIS plays a critical role in defending Singapore from threats in the digital domain, and allows the SAF to operate better as a networked and integrated force to deal with a wider spectrum of external threats to enhance and safeguard Singapore's peace and sovereignty. The DIS collaborates with partners across the MINDEF, SAF, Whole-of-Government agencies and like-minded partners in academia and industry in defending our nation against threats in the digital domain.

Building a highly-skilled digital workforce is key to the digital defence strategy of the SAF. The DIS continually attracts and develops both military and non-uniformed digital experts to grow the SAF's digital workforce.

The DIS leverages our National Servicemen to develop its digital workforce. Operationally Ready National Servicemen (ORNS) with matching talents and relevant civilian expertise may also express interest to serve in the DIS through the Enhanced Expert Deployment Scheme (EEDS). Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) with suitable skills are offered to participate in DIS-related Work-Learn Schemes (WLS) where they will be able to undergo military training and serve NS while attaining academic credits which will contribute to the eventual completion of a relevant university degree. There are currently two DIS WLS, namely the Digital WLS and Cyber WLS.

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