Fact Sheet: 55 Years of National Service: Generations of Strength

Fact Sheet: 55 Years of National Service: Generations of Strength


2022 marks 55 years of National Service (NS). Since the introduction of NS in 1967, generations of national servicemen have served with unwavering dedication, pride and strength to keep Singapore safe and strong. The theme of NS55, "Generations of Strength", reflects the collective resolve and dedication of our national servicemen across generations who have contributed to the defence and security of Singapore, and inspires Singaporeans to continue building a stronger Singapore.

Families, employers and the public have also supported our national servicemen so that they can serve with a peace of mind. This continued support for NS remains critical in enabling the duty of defending our home and future to be passed down from one generation to the next. The NS system will also continue to evolve to meet the operational demands of the Next-Generation Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the Home Team (HT), as well as a new generation of national servicemen.

Calendar of Events

Singaporeans are encouraged to join in the commemoration of NS55 by participating in the various events below:

May 2022

  • NS55 Showcase/Army Open House 2022

Jun 2022

  • NS55 Roving Heartlands Exhibition

Jul 2022

  • SAF Day
  • We Support NS Campaign

Aug 2022

  • National Day Parade 2022

Dec 2022

  • Combined Basic Military Training Graduation and the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) Reserve Parade

Other commemorative activities throughout the year

  • NS55 Interactive Trail
  • NS55 Recognition Package
  • Various community outreach activities organised by community partners, such as an NS-themed family camp, fitness challenges and school engagements
  • Online engagements through MINDEF/SAF and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)/Home Team's social media accounts.

NS55 Showcase/Army Open House 2022 (AOH22) and NS55 Roving Heartlands Exhibition

The Army Open House will make a return this year. The main exhibition will be open to the public from 28 to 30 May 2022 at the F1 Pit Building. It will also feature the NS55 Showcase which will bring visitors through an experiential and immersive journey across three zones, depicting the 55 years of NS and the lives of generations of national servicemen. Parts of Army Open House 2022 and the NS55 Showcase will move to the heartlands at Punggol (3 to 5 Jun 2022), and Bishan (10 to 12 Jun 2022). A virtual edition of the Army Open House 2022 and the NS55 Showcase will also be available from 13 May to 12 Jun 2022.

NS55 Interactive Trail

The NS55 Interactive Trail, titled 'Cepat Jalan', is a walking trail comprising at least seven discovery points in central Singapore. At each discovery point, members of public will be able to interact with the surrounding space via augmented or virtual reality to learn more about the location's significance to NS, and play games to win prizes. Individuals who prefer to explore the discovery points from the comfort of home will be able to do so via the virtual trail, which covers the same discovery points as the physical trail, and with additional locations.

NS55 Recognition Package

MINDEF and MHA will be giving out an NS55 Recognition Package to thank past and present national servicemen for their contributions to Singapore's defence and security. The NS55 Recognition Package consists of $100 worth of credits to be digitally disbursed via the LifeSG mobile application. These credits can be utilised at physical and online merchants that accept PayNow or NETS QR. This includes heartland shops, hawkers, and e-commerce merchants, and making payments to government agencies and educational institutions. In addition, NSmen who have served or are currently serving their Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) will receive a complimentary one-year SAFRA or HomeTeamNS principal membership.

Eligible national servicemen will receive a notification letter from mid-June 2022 with further details on the required steps to redeem the NS55 Recognition Package credits and register for the complimentary SAFRA or HomeTeamNS membership.

Combined Basic Military Training Graduation Parade and MINDEF Reserve Parade

The NS55 campaign will conclude in December with a combined Basic Military Training Graduation Parade and MINDEF Reserve Parade at The Float@Marina Bay. The combined parade represents the passing on of the torch from one generation to the next, who will continue to carry out the critical mission of defending and safeguarding Singapore with unwavering strength and commitment.

For more information on NS55, visit go.gov.sg/NS55. Ground-up initiatives and activities that organisations, companies and individuals would like to contribute to the NS55 commemorative activities are greatly welcomed. If you would like to share your ideas for the NS55 commemorative activities, please contact us at NS55@defence.gov.sg.

Translated Terms


      National Service 55 (NS55): Generations of Strength


      55 Tahun Perkhidmatan Negara (NS55): Keteguhan Rentas Generasi


      தேசிய சேவை 55 (NS55): வலிமை வாய்ந்த தலைமுறைகள்


      国民服役55周年 (NS55):毅勇相承
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