Fact Sheet: Total Defence Initiatives to Engage Singaporeans

Fact Sheet: Total Defence Initiatives to Engage Singaporeans

As part of the Total Defence Review, MINDEF's Nexus developed Total Defence initiatives that are less prescriptive and more inclusive, by (a) encouraging more ground-up, community-led efforts, and (b) developing content that aims to be more resonant and relatable. Examples include the Total Defence Sandbox (TD Sandbox) introduced on 12 Feb 2022 and the Total Defence Interactive Video released on 11 Feb 2022. Nexus will also continue to have conversations with Singaporeans to expand and reimagine the actions we can take for Total Defence – to play our part to keep Singapore strong in our current security environment, as well as in preparation for the challenges ahead.


The TD Sandbox is a platform that seeks ground-up ideas and proposals for Singaporeans, especially youths aged 17 to 35 years old, to put Total Defence into action. The TD Sandbox aims to nurture these ideas and eventually match proposals with partners who could support the implementation or amplification of efforts.

Issue Statement. Through the years, the nature of threats has evolved from traditional security threats, e.g. terrorism, piracy, territorial tensions. There are emerging trends where Singapore's vulnerabilities could be easily exploited without the need for military conflict – through cyberattacks, misinformation and fake news on digital platforms such as social media. Challenges could also come in other forms such as climate change and sustainability, which impact our food, water and energy security.

Start an initiative which could help educate youths and the community on the evolving threats and how they can be dealt with as we navigate the complex environment that Singapore operates in. This could be done through the creation of content / an initiative / a campaign / a product that supports Total Defence as a multi-response framework. We welcome all ideas that will put Total Defence in action.

Participation. Participants may register and submit their ideas via www.go.gov.sg/tdsandbox or by scanning the QR code below. Participants may register as an individual or in a team.

Timeline. Deadline for submission is Monday, 30 May 2022, 23:59hrs, Singapore time (UTC+8). After submissions have closed, shortlisted participants will be invited to give a short presentation to the Selection Panel in June 2022.

More information on the Total Defence Sandbox can be found via www.go.gov.sg/tdsandboxinfo.


Released on 11 Feb 2022, the Total Defence Interactive Video (TD interactive video) is an example of how Total Defence can be more interactive and less prescriptive while leveraging new and immersive content formats.

Viewers will be able to make decisions for the characters to determine the progress of the story. As the characters experience the consequences of the selected options, Singaporeans will gain a better understanding of the types of Total Defence actions they could do to play their part for Singapore, be inspired to put Total Defence in action in their everyday lives, and see how their choices have real impact on the nation.

The interactive video can be played at www.go.gov.sg/tdinteractivevid.


Part of an ongoing series of engagement sessions to seek views from Singaporeans on how Total Defence continues to be relevant to Singapore's survival, security and success amidst our evolving threats, the most recent session was conducted on 12 Feb 2022, hosted by Senior Minister of State for Defence Mr Heng Chee How ahead of Total Defence Day.

Nexus will continue to hold these conversations with Singaporeans to expand and reimagine the actions Singaporeans can take for Total Defence. Public can register their interest for future Total Defence Conversations at www.go.gov.sg/tdconversations.

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