Change in Chief of Army

Change in Chief of Army

Brigadier-General (BG) David Neo, currently Deputy Secretary (Technology), will take over from Major-General (MG) Goh Si Hou as Chief of Army (COA) on 10 March 2022. This change is part of the process of leadership renewal in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

MG Goh, 44, has served as COA since 21 March 2018. Over the course of his career, he has held key command and staff appointments in the SAF, including Commanding Officer of 20th Singapore Artillery Battalion, Commander 3rd Division Artillery, and Commander 6th Singapore Division. MG Goh also served as Assistant Chief of the General Staff (Plans) and Director for Personnel Policy in the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), during which he led the implementation of new career schemes for the SAF.

As COA, MG Goh led the Army through the completion of key operational milestones for the 3rd Generation Army, and laid the foundations for its Next-Generation transformation to meet emerging security needs and future manpower resource challenges. MG Goh led the re-organisation of Army's Island Defence Task Force and Special Operations Task Force to strengthen homeland security and counter-terrorism capabilities, and established key building blocks of Army's future fighting force including the motorisation of its manoeuvre forces and the integration of intelligence and strike developments under the new Headquarters Sense and Strike. He also oversaw major training area developments locally and overseas to meet the Army's future training demands.

MG Goh co-chaired the National Service Review Committee to expand operational contributions and leverage expertise of our national servicemen in the Next-Generation SAF, and to better meet the needs of servicemen through enhancing touchpoints in training, fitness and administration. MG Goh also led Army's efforts to build a strong safety culture, to achieve improved safety outcomes while maintaining high training standards.

During his tenure, MG Goh ensured that the Army maintained operational readiness and force generation amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and led the Army to support the Whole-of-Nation fight against Covid-19. This saw the Army deploying several Task Forces to support Whole-of-Government efforts in health surveillance and contact tracing, medical and logistical support, management of migrant worker dormitories and community care facilities, and the recent Home Recovery Programme.

The incoming COA, BG David Neo, 44, joined the SAF in 1996 and is a Commando Officer by training. BG Neo has served in various command appointments in the SAF, including as Commanding Officer First Battalion Singapore Guards, Commander 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade and Commander 3rd Singapore Division. He has also held key staff appointments, including as Head Joint Plans and Transformation Department and Director of Joint Operations, where he oversaw the SAF's contributions to the national fight against COVID-19. Beyond the SAF, he was also the Programme Director of the Pioneer Generation Office, and the founding Group Chief of the Silver Generation Office under the Agency for Integrated Care.

MINDEF expresses its deep appreciation to MG Goh for his sterling leadership and distinguished service to MINDEF and the SAF.

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