FIT@Home Introduced for Greater Convenience for NSmen to Stay Fit and Active

FIT@Home Introduced for Greater Convenience for NSmen to Stay Fit and Active


The 10-session NS Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) programme was launched in April 2021 to better support Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle while fulfilling their annual fitness requirements. By bringing NS fitness activities closer to the community, NS FIT has provided convenience and flexibility for NSmen to incorporate fitness and regular exercise into their lifestyles. NSmen’s response to NS FIT has been very encouraging, with most training sessions fully booked since its implementation.

NS FIT currently offers a variety of fitness activities, including aerobic training, metabolic circuits and Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)-specific training, across 42 locations island-wide (see Annex A for list of NS FIT training locations). To make NS FIT even more convenient for NSmen to participate in, a virtual NS FIT programme – FIT@Home – is now introduced to complement the existing line-up of NS FIT activities.


NSmen will have the flexibility to attend NS FIT sessions either virtually or physically at the Fitness Conditioning Centres (FCCs) in SAF camps, selected public parks, HPB Quick HIIT sites and SAFRA Energy-One gyms (with ActiveSG gym sites upcoming) to fulfil their NS FIT requirements. FIT@Home will be conducted over a commercial video conferencing platform. Two sessions are conducted daily, except on Fridays where there are no sessions conducted. Each session allows a maximum of 45 NSmen participants. At least two fitness trainers from the SAF’s FCCs will be present at every session to monitor the safety of participants, and to observe and provide guidance to ensure that participants perform to standard. The activities conducted during the FIT@Home sessions include a series of metabolic circuits and aerobic exercises. Similar to other NS FIT programmes conducted physically, each FIT@Home session is approximately 60 to 75 minutes and is counted as one session of NS FIT.

Speaking on the added convenience that FIT@Home brings to NSmen, Head National Service Affairs Department Colonel Lim Han Yong said, "FIT@Home will complement the list of current NS FIT activities for NSmen to maintain active and healthy lifestyles and remain operationally ready. This virtual option aims to provide more flexibility and make it more convenient for NSmen to participate in, while maintaining comparable standards of training and safety to other NS FIT activities."

FIT@Home will be launched on 12 July 2021 and NSmen will be able to register for the sessions through the NS Portal from 7 July 2021 onwards. Registered participants will receive a web link for the FIT@Home sessions via email.


[1] Inclusive of one IPPT attempt, which has to be taken physically.

[2] FIT@SAFRA Gym sessions can now be combined with NS FIT sessions taken at other locations, e.g., FIT@FCC, FIT@Park or FIT@HPB Quick HIIT. Due to existing safe management measures, FIT@SAFRA Gym is currently suspended until further notice.


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