Appreciating Our MINDEF Volunteers

Appreciating Our MINDEF Volunteers


Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen penned letters of appreciation to thank 278 volunteers serving on 37 Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) boards and committees for their invaluable contributions and support for MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The letters will be delivered to the MINDEF volunteers this week, along with appointment and reappointment certificates for 59 volunteers who are starting or renewing their tenures.

In the appreciation letter, Dr Ng expressed his gratitude for the continued contributions of the volunteers towards strengthening Singapore's national defence. He wrote, "Despite the (COVID-19) pandemic, our volunteers like yourself, have not flagged in their dedication or commitment and indeed continue to provide essential expertise and experience in their varied roles and responsibilities."

The volunteers serving in MINDEF boards and committees are industry experts and thought leaders in various private and public sectors. Their contributions in diverse areas such as law, medicine, engineering, science, finance, and music and the arts allow MINDEF to stay updated on industry best practices and organisational processes. Through their extensive networks, these volunteers also serve as the link between MINDEF and the public by promoting public awareness on defence and inspiring support for National Service.

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