Fact Sheet: NS FIT Introduces Greater Convenience, Flexibility and a Holistic Programme for NSmen to Stay Fit and Active

Fact Sheet: NS FIT Introduces Greater Convenience, Flexibility and a Holistic Programme for NSmen to Stay Fit and Active




The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regularly review the National Service Individual Physical Proficiency Test (NS IPPT) system to better support NSmen to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and remain operationally ready. The NS Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) programme will be introduced to encourage Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) to incorporate fitness and regular exercise into their lifestyles. This is one of the NS Review Committee’s initiatives to strengthen the NS system by maximising national servicemen’s contributions, improving their health and fitness, and enhancing the NS experience.

New NS FIT Programme

The 10-session NS FIT programme[1], introduced in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Sport Singapore (SportSG), offers more convenience and flexibility for NSmen to stay active through a holistic fitness programme. It will also streamline the criteria for NSmen to complete their annual fitness requirements. NS FIT will be launched on 1 April 2021 and NSmen will be able to register for NS FIT sessions through the NS portal from 25 March 2021 onwards.

Greater Convenience and Flexibility to Incorporate Fitness as a Lifestyle

NS FIT is designed to encourage NSmen to adopt active and healthy lifestyles by bringing NS fitness activities nearer to the community. There will be a variety of NS FIT locations and programmes island-wide, with an increase from 13 sites to 42 sites with three upcoming ActiveSG Gym sites (see Figure 1 for the list of NS FIT training locations). NSmen will be able to choose their preferred NS FIT training locations, and exercise with greater convenience. NS FIT also provides flexibility in allowing NSmen to take part in different programmes offered at the various training locations[2] to fulfil the 10-session NS FIT. This better supports NSmen in incorporating fitness and exercise into their daily routines while fulfilling their annual fitness requirements.

Figure 1: NS FIT Training Locations*

*FIT@HPB Quick HIIT locations are subject to changes, and the latest list of locations will be updated on the NS portal.


Holistic Fitness Programme

NS FIT is a holistic fitness programme that offers NSmen more opportunities to stay active and exercise regularly beyond IPPT-specific training. Activities under NS FIT include: (i) Aerobic Threshold; (ii) Metabolic Circuits; (iii) Weight Loss; (iv) Sports/Games-based; and (iv) IPPT-specific exercises. On top of NS FIT at the Fitness Conditioning Centres in SAF camps, In-The-Park and SAFRA EnergyOne Gyms, NSmen can now also participate in FIT@HPB Quick HIIT[3] – a form of metabolic circuit training which features short bursts of high intensity exercises that builds strength, endurance and aerobic fitness over time. Each NS FIT session is approximately 60 to 75 minutes, making it more convenient for NSmen to incorporate these fitness and exercise programmes into their schedules (refer to Table 1 for the range of programmes offered under NS FIT).


Table 1: List of Programmes at NS FIT Training Locations





FIT@ Fitness Conditioning Centres (FCC)

(4 sites)


(3 sites)


(6 sites)


(29 sites)


FIT@ActiveSG Gyms

(3 sites)


  • IPPT-specific

  • Weight Loss

  • Metabolic Circuits

  • Sports-based

  • Aerobic Training


  • Metabolic Circuits

  • Aerobic Training

  • Customisable programme based on NSmen’s needs


  • Short bursts of high-intensity exercises (similar to Metabolic Circuits conducted under FIT@FCC)


  • Programme to be confirmed


Fitness as a Lifestyle with Family and Friends

NSmen will also have the option to participate in fitness activities and exercise programmes in the community together with their family and friends. When they participate in FIT@HPB Quick HIIT, their friends and family may join them by booking a slot for the same HPB Quick HIIT session via HPB’s Healthy 365 mobile app.

Streamlining NS Fitness Requirements

Instead of attending the IPPT Preparatory Training (IPT) or Remedial Training (RT) programmes, NSmen will now need to either pass IPPT, or complete the 10-session NS FIT programme (inclusive of one IPPT attempt). This streamlines the annual fitness requirements for NSmen and further encourages them to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and remain operationally ready.

NS FIT for Home Team NSmen

The Home Team will also be adopting NS FIT for Home Team NSmen from June 2021 onwards. Home Team NSmen can look forward to using FIT training facilities at Home Team premises, HomeTeamNS Clubhouses and ActiveSG Gyms. More details will be shared at a later date.


[1]Inclusive of one IPPT attempt.

[2]FIT@SAFRA Gym sessions cannot be combined with NS FIT sessions taken at other locations, e.g., FIT@FCC, FIT@Park, FIT@HPB Quick HIIT, as FIT@SAFRA Gym is a customised programme based on individual needs. If an NSman decides to attend NS FIT sessions at FIT@SAFRA Gym, he will have to complete all 10 sessions at FIT@SAFRA Gym.

[3]FIT@HPB Quick HIIT sessions will be conducted at various timings seven days a week.

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