Senior Minister of State for Defence: Strong Navy Ensures Maritime Security for Singapore's Survival and Success

Senior Minister of State for Defence: Strong Navy Ensures Maritime Security for Singapore’s Survival and Success



Senior Minister of State for Defence Mr Zaqy Mohamad visited the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)'s Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF)/MARSEC Command at RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base today. During the visit, he saw how the MSTF works closely with other national maritime agencies at the Singapore Maritime Crisis Centre and international partners through the Information Fusion Centre, as tackling maritime security threats require cooperation and coordination of multiple agencies.

Mr Zaqy also interacted with personnel from MARSEC Command, both regulars and national servicemen, and heard how they stand watch 24/7 to safeguard Singapore's sovereignty and ensure the security of our sea lines of communication. In addition, he witnessed some of the new maritime security capabilities, such as the Sentinel-class Maritime Security and Response Vessel and Maritime Security Unmanned Surface Vessel, which will enable the RSN to better respond to maritime security threats.

Speaking during the visit, Mr Zaqy highlighted that ensuring maritime security in the porous sea requires close cooperation between multiple agencies. He said, “Our MARSEC operations are a very important part of securing our sea lines of communication and ensuring our sovereignty. We continued and even stepped up on these operations during COVID-19. It is wonderful to see our agencies and international partners working very closely together. Our servicemen and women are always ready to safeguard Singaporeans and our way of life.”

Mr Zaqy was accompanied by Chief of Navy Rear-Admiral (RADM) Aaron Beng, and was hosted by Commander MSTF/MARSEC Command RADM Yong Wei Hsiung for the visit.

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