Fact Sheet: Leveraging Technology and Innovation to Drive Digital Transformation

Fact Sheet: Leveraging Technology and Innovation to Drive Digital Transformation


The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) are harnessing new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to engage in digital and data transformation. This will enable force multipliers for the Next-Generation SAF and enhance organisational effectiveness for MINDEF/SAF as we become digital to the core. These efforts include:

Strengthening Digital Infrastructure

Digital Factory

The Digital Factory is a collaborative facility to securely build and deploy software up to three times faster than before. It is a set-up where project leads, developers and User Experience (UX) designers can come together to collaborate on designing, testing and scaling secured digital products to optimise service experience, business processes and productivity. The Digital Factory began operating in September 2020 and has since developed six user-centric prototypes, which will be piloted starting from mid-2021.

Leveraging Cloud Technologies

The benefits of cloud computing include faster delivery of new digital services, increased system availability and scalability, and access to best-in-class cloud technologies. MINDEF/SAF will leverage commercial cloud platforms to host less sensitive digital services, functions and data. The MINDEF Commercial Cloud will be ready to host the first tranche of pilot digital products for internal organisational needs from mid-2021.

MINDEF/SAF will also be developing a dedicated Cloud that is housed in MINDEF/SAF, where classified information and workloads will reside. This will allow us to reap the benefits of cloud computing securely while greatly reducing the exposure of our data to external sources and cybersecurity risks.

Maximising Resources

Autonomous Vehicles

The SAF is conducting trials on the use of autonomous vehicles in military camps and bases for the unmanned transportation of logistics and personnel. This will reduce manpower requirements for Transport Operators and improve the efficiency of ground supplies and personnel transportation.  

Streamlining Work Processes

RSAF Military Transport Fleet Management App

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Military Transport (MT) Fleet Management app streamlines administrative processes for Transport Operators and Supervisors by digitalising manual recording, e.g., logbook entries, driver's performance card and vehicle maintenance forms. The app also automates the tracking of driver's mileage, duration of journey as well as vehicles' maintenance schedule.

The app, which is currently on trial at Paya Lebar Air Base, has reduced the time taken for administrative processes by 75% and also the probability of human errors. The app will be progressively rolled out across the RSAF when ready.

Enhancing Convenience


As part of the SAF's efforts to enable soldiers to train safely and smarter, learn faster and perform better, LEARNXP is a mobile digital learning solution developed to allow units to conduct checklist-guided training and activities seamlessly, so as to strengthen the feedback loop among trainers, soldiers and commanders. The entire workflow from creating checklists to capturing observations and presenting data for analysis is a seamless digital process on the LEARNXP platform. By March 2021, a total of 95 units will be using LEARNXP for their training activities.

RSAF Mobile Healthcare App

The RSAF Mobile Healthcare App is a one-stop healthcare management app which integrates appointment bookings, queue management, telemedicine services and access to personal healthcare records (via PACES Mobile). Pilot development is ongoing and trials are planned in the second half of 2021. The app will be implemented across MINDEF/SAF when fully developed.

Patient Care Enhancement System (PACES)

Medical personnel can view their patients' records on the go via the SAF's Electronic Medical Records system on PACES Mobile. PACES Mobile was successfully launched in October 2019 and has proven effective in enhancing patient care and safety, improving efficiency of consultations and reducing administrative overheads. PACES Mobile complies with data protection standards in MINDEF/SAF to securely provide accessibility of patients' records.

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