105 Appointed as Senior Military Experts

105 Appointed as Senior Military Experts


A total of 105 servicemen and women, comprising 11 from the Singapore Army, 19 from the Republic of Singapore Navy, 38 from the Republic of Singapore Air Force and 37 from the Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) Community, were appointed as Senior Military Experts (MEs) today. In light of the COVID-19 situation, the graduands received their ceremonial swords and scrolls at decentralised ceremonies.

Addressing the graduands in a recorded video as the Guest of Honour for the ceremonies, Senior Minister of State for Defence Mr Zaqy Mohamad reminded the newly-appointed Senior MEs of their role in defending Singapore and its interests. He said, "While COVID-19 remains at the forefront of our minds, we must not forget that the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) must defend against both new and traditional threats to Singapore's peace and security. These include cyber threats and terrorism, among others."

Mr Zaqy also called on the newly-appointed Senior MEs to use their expertise and skillsets to meet new challenges in an endemic COVID-19 new normal. He said, "As Senior MEs, you and your teams will bring the SAF forward with your specialised skills and deep expertise. But you are also leaders of the SAF. We are depending on you to remain resilient and adaptable in a new normal, as we adjust our lives in face of an endemic COVID-19. In spite of the challenges and uncertainties you may encounter, you have the responsibility to lead your men and women with courage, vision and empathy."

The appointment ceremonies marked the completion of the Military Domain Experts Course, which trains MEs to assume roles in the SAF where in-depth expertise in areas such as engineering, intelligence, military medicine and cybersecurity is required. The training conducted during the course developed and honed the MEs' leadership competency, military domain knowledge and specialised skills. The newly appointed Senior MEs will move on to assume leadership or staff appointments in their professional areas.

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