Fact Sheet: Inaugural Community of Practice of National Service Advocates

Fact Sheet: Inaugural Community of Practice of National Service Advocates


The Community of Practice (CoP) of National Service (NS) Advocates aims to support National Service (NS) and Operationally-Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) through ground-up initiatives that are initiated, co-created, owned and sustained by the CoP. The impetus for establishing the CoP of NS Advocates is to sustain NS advocacy efforts in the employer and business community.

The CoP is open to all Supportive Employers (organisations that have been awarded the NS Mark, NS Mark (Gold) or Total Defence Award).

Showcase of Project Ideas

Career Transformation, Education, and Support (CTES) Programme for NSmen. NSmen who are seeking new career opportunities or looking to increase their employability can join the CTES Programme and experience the full spectrum of job search and career preparedness from 'careducation' (career education) to job placements. In this programme, NSmen can participate in career-critical workshops, use CTES' online career discovery platform, receive dedicated guidance from career coaches, and partner with executive recruiters in their job search. CTES aims to be the voice and advocate for NSmen by providing a strong representation of their skills and experience acquired during NS to potential hiring employers.

Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)'s HR Development Support for NSmen. To recognise the contributions of NSmen and to complement the HR support structure by employers and businesses, SHRI signed a pledge for a 3-year HR Development Support for NSmen on 14 Apr 2021. Through the programme, NSmen will enjoy a one-year complimentary membership with SHRI to widen their network and connections to the HR fraternity in Singapore. NSmen can also attend curated courses and customised learning and development programmes, gain access to monthly webinars for professional enrichment and sharing of best practices, and attend job preparation sessions to enhance their career options (e.g. resume writing, interview techniques).

Skills Upgrading in Logistics and Supply Chain Management for NSmen. Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD) Employer & Business (E&B) Council collaborated with the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) to award a specially curated micro-credential Specialist Certificate in Logistics Management upon completion of a combination of requisite criteria and course. The certificate will be launched by end of 2021, and this initiative will enhance the opportunities for NSmen to learn in a structured learning environment and upgrade their skills to remain at the forefront of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry. NSmen and employees of NS Mark (Gold) accredited companies will also be eligible for career coaching and onboarding opportunities within the logistics industry. In addition, NSmen and employees of NS Mark (Gold) accredited companies will qualify for discounted course rates when registering for selected diplomas with The Logistics Academy (TLA) Diploma programmes.

Enhancing Fitness for Pre-Enlistees and NSmen. Employers and their NSmen can subscribe to an application by Elxr Pte Ltd and participate in various fitness programmes through a collaboration with the Singapore Sports Hub. The application can encourage pre-enlistees, as well as NSmen and members of the public to participate actively and regularly in fun workout activities and earn rewards in the process. Employers can also customise the programmes to better motivate and prepare pre-enlistees for NS and NSmen for IPPT, while encouraging their employees to participate in regular exercise and training in a fun way. Interested employers can also sponsor their merchandise or services to incentivise and encourage broader base participation and increased frequency of attendance at these fitness programmes.

Mentorship for NSmen by NSmen. Younger NSmen who have been identified to take on leadership roles in their Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) units can look forward to being mentored by fellow NSmen who have completed their Commanding Officer tours. This mentorship programme will prepare younger NSmen to ease into leadership roles through the imparting of knowledge in the military domain, as well as sharing of experiences and work and life-related insights and skills by their mentors. Through this mentorship programme, younger NSmen can benefit from their fellow NSmen mentors who are experienced in mentoring, coaching, counselling or training. Younger NSmen can also leverage the professional and personal network of their mentors to advance their careers or businesses. NSmen mentees can then in turn be trained and equipped to coach or mentor the NSmen whom they lead, and provide a psychological support framework for all NSmen in ORNS units in the long term. This project is currently being pioneered at a small scale and is potentially scalable to the wider SAF.

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