Fact Sheet: National Service Review Committee for the Next-Generation SAF

Fact Sheet: National Service Review Committee for the Next-Generation SAF


The National Service Review Committee (NSRC), chaired by the Deputy Secretary (Administration) of the Ministry of Defence and the Chief of Army will review aspects of National Service (NS) to fulfil the operational demands of the Next-Generation Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), and meet the needs of a new generation of national servicemen.

Areas of Review

The NS Review Committee will look into the following areas:

  1. Improving the Outcome and Efficiency of Operationally Ready NS (ORNS) Activities. The NSRC will look into enhancing ORNS activities such as the Individual Physical Proficiency Test, the Health Screening Programme and Make-Up Pay system to improve the experience and efficiency for Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen).

  2. Better Matching Skills to Vocations. The NSRC will look into optimising skill-based deployment to better meet the SAF’s operational needs while creating a more meaningful NS experience. The NSRC will also look into expanding the redeployment of NSmen to better harness their civilian expertise.

  3. NS Recognition and Engagement. The NSRC will review how to better recognise families and employers for their continued support towards NS.

  4. Leveraging Technology. The NSRC will leverage technology to improve service delivery for the NS community throughout their NS journey.

The NSRC will review the initiatives carefully and provide updates on the outcomes of the reviews progressively.

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