Fact Sheet: Celebrating 55 Years of Our Army: #OurArmyFamily Army 55 Virtual Exhibition

Fact Sheet: Celebrating 55 Years of Our Army: #OurArmyFamily Army 55 Virtual Exhibition


The Singapore Army will be celebrating its 55th anniversary this year, marking 55 years of the Army's commitment and dedication to Singapore's defence. To commemorate this significant milestone, the Army has organised the Army 55 Virtual Exhibition from 1 December to 13 December 2020. The exhibition is themed #OurArmyFamily, and represents the strong camaraderie and brotherhood forged amongst soldiers in the Army and underlines the Army's appreciation for support from Singaporeans and families towards soldiers for their contributions to national defence.

The virtual exhibition features different zones for visitors to learn more about the Army's evolution, operational capabilities and platforms, and the professionalism of our soldiers. As part of the #OurArmyFamily theme, the exhibition includes several family-oriented activities, games and programmes for everyone in the family to participate in.

Designed for both desktop and mobile accessibility, visitors can access the virtual exhibition at this link (www.go.gov.sg/OurArmyFamily). Visitors may refer to the Singapore Army Facebook page for more information (www.facebook.com/OurSingaporeArmy).

Virtual Exhibition Zones

55 Years of Our Army

Walk down memory lane and journey through the Army's evolution from a 1st Generation to a 3rd Generation Army through an interactive timeline featuring the Army's key milestones over the past 55 years. Visitors can also submit appreciation messages to thank soldiers for their years of commitment to Singapore's defence.

Our Formations

Step into the different Army formation zones to learn more about the formations, their platforms and weapons, and their people. Download mobile and desktop wallpapers, and Whatsapp and Telegram stickers to show your support for the Army and experience augmented reality as a soldier onboard the Army's platforms. Details of the featured Army formations and their operational capabilities are at Annex A.

Soldier Strong

Experience the Army's physical training and fitness regimes under the 'Soldier Strong' zone. Visitors can learn more about how the Centre of Excellence for Soldier Performance (CESP) taps on sports science to maximise the potential of our soldiers through fitness and diet regimes.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the #OurArmyFamily run from 1 to 13 December 2020. Join the Army in their race to accumulate 55,000km over this period by completing 5.5km as an individual or with your family and stand a chance to walk away with a souvenir for your participation. Distances will be recorded through the use of fitness trackers and participants are encouraged to upload photos of their experiences.

Our Stories

Take a virtual tour of the National Service (NS) Gallery and NS Square at Marina Bay, and read stories submitted by former and current soldiers from their time in the Army. This zone allows visitors to learn more about the Army and better appreciate the professionalism of our soldiers and their dedication to Singapore's defence. Visitors are also encouraged to submit memorable stories from their time in the Army.

Young Warriors

Younger ones can play Army-themed mini games such as 'On Target', 'Jigsaw Jumble' and 'Beret Blast' to stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Colouring sheets of various Army platforms and equipment will be available for download.

Our Training Ground

Experience training as a 3rd Generation soldier at the Army's training areas such as Murai Urban Training Facility and Lorong Asrama through this first-person shooter game.


Visitors can watch Army-themed videos and participate in various group activities with their families. The showtime programme line-up is at Annex B. Details of the showtime programmes are as follows:

a. Peek Into The Army. Get an insider's look into the different Army formations, such as the Combat Engineers, Military Police, and Armour and learn about the various platforms and operational capabilities the Army has to offer.

b. Ask Me Anything. Listen to soldiers from different formations as they elaborate on their experiences training in the Army to better understand the different roles they play in Singapore's defence.

c. Mass Fitness Workout. Conducted by fitness trainers from the CESP, join in a series of exercises to target different muscle groups and experience physical training that soldiers undergo to improve their fitness and enhance combat performance.

d. Formation Fitness Challenge. Catch the finale of the formation fitness challenge as teams from various Army formations battle it out in a series of physical challenges. Support your favourite formations by voting for them as votes will count towards the teams' final scores.

e. Army 55 Bake and Cook. Learn how to recreate edible versions of the Army's Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank from chiffon cake and experiment creating dishes inspired by our soldiers' combat rations.

TikTok Challenge

Participate in the Army's TikTok Emoji Challenge and stand a chance to win exclusive Army collectibles. The challenge is inspired by basic field signals that soldiers use while training to communicate with each other. Head over to the Army 55 TikTok account (@SingaporeArmy55) and tag your videos with the following hashtags - #Army55EmojiChallenge, #EmojiDance, #OurSingaporeArmy, #OurArmyFamily.


Annex A

Army Formations and Operational Capabilities


Operational Capabilities


  • Bionix I and II
  • Bronco All-Terrain Tracked Carrier
  • Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle
  • Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank

Army Intelligence

  • Reconnaissance Bike
  • Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Sky Blade III)

Army Medical Services

  • Battalion Casualty Station
  • F550 Combat Ambulance


  • P90
  • Very Slender Vessel
  • Seaboat


  • Light Strike Vehicle Mark II


  • Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle
  • Spike-Long Range Anti-Tank Guided Missile
  • SAKO TRG-22 Sniper Rifle
  • M110 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
  • Load Bearing System
  • Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicle

Maintenance & Engineering Support

  • Wheeled Recovery Vehicle
  • Universal Recovery Circuit
  • Leopard Armoured Recovery Vehicle

SAF Military Police Command

  • Security Operations
  • Enforcement Operations
  • Criminal Investigative Operations
  • Ceremonial Operations

SAF Ammunition Command

  • High Mobility Cargo Transporter – Fully Integrated Transport Container
  • Electric Side Loader

Singapore Artillery

  • Artillery Hunting Radar Weapon Locating Radar
  • FH2000
  • High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
  • Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer
  • Safari Weapon Locating Radar
  • Singapore Light-Weight Howitzer Pegasus

Singapore Combat Engineers

  • Mobility 3rd Generation Float Bridge
  • Leopard 2 Armoured Vehicular Launched Bridge
  • Trailblazer
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal-9 Bomb Disposal Suit
  • Mission Oriented Protective Posture Suit 4
  • Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicle (Combat Engineer Variant)


  • Digitised Trunk Communications System
  • Satellite Communication (T-Hub)
  • Satellite Communication (VAMTAC)


  • Water Purification Unit
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Innovation
  • Personal Equipment
  • Ration Management


  • Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo 5 Ton
  • Ops Utility Vehicle
  • Light Transporter 6 Ton
  • High Mobility Cargo Transporter – Fuel Tanker
  • Precision Air Delivery System


Annex B

Showtime Programme Line-Up



1 December (Tue)

  • Launch of Army 55 Virtual Exhibition
  • Ask Me Anything – Commando Officer, Colonel (COL) Iain Hoo
  • Army 55 Bake and Cook with Chef Instructor Susanne Ng

3 December (Thu)

  • Army’s Personal Equipment
  • #OurArmyFamily Video
  • Ask Me Anything – Army Volunteer, SAFVC Volunteer 1 (SV1) Kelly Latimer
  • Mass Workout – Upper Body

5 December (Sat)

  • Peek into the Army – Combat Engineers
  • Formation Fitness Challenge
  • Ask Me Anything – Guardsman, Senior Warrant Officer (SWO) Saravanan Shatiannanthan
  • Mass Workout

6 December (Sun)

  • Ask Me Anything – Ammunition Engineer, Military Expert 4 (ME4) Chea Wei Tien
  • Peek into the Army – Military Police Command
  • Army 55 Bake and Cook with Chef Lennard Yeong
  • Formation Fitness Challenge

9 December (Wed)

  • Ask Me Anything – Artillery Officer, Second Lieutenant (2LT) Muizuddin
  • Peek into the Army – Armour
  • Mass Workout

12 December (Sat)

  • Mass Workout

13 December (Sun)

  • Formation Fitness Challenge (Finals)
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