Military Working Dog Unit Adoption Drive 2019

Military Working Dog Unit Adoption Drive 2019

Our four-legged veterans from the Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU) are looking for a new "woof" over their heads!

If you're interested in making them part of your family, you can find out more in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and fill up the application form below. For further queries, you can contact the Adoption Team at This adoption drive runs from 15 April to 16 May 2019.

The MWDU will continue to take full care of any retired dogs that are not adopted. All the dogs have gone through basic obedience training, and go through regular health checks by in-house vets, annual vaccinations and a routine heartworm and parasite prevention programme.

SPUD*, Male, 9 years old, Springer Spaniel

[ADOPTED] This energetic ball of fur loves human interaction and companionship – you can always count on him for a walk or game of fetch. And if you want to relax, he's more than happy to just curl up next to you and patiently wait for his share of head pats!

*Can be adopted by HDB households under Project ADORE.

LUCKY, Male, 4 years old, Belgian Malinois

[ADOPTED] Any family would be lucky to have this adorable dog! Although he has a heart murmur condition, he remains very active and loves walks and exploring new environments. Provide Lucky with lots of affection, and he is sure to return the love.

FABIA, Female, 10 years old, German Shepherd

Friendly and active, Fabia is always excited to meet new people. An intelligent and obedient dog, she is at her best when engaged in play, and will certainly be a lively addition to any home!

DAN, Male, 9 years old, German Shepherd

It's a love story between Dan and tennis balls – he's up for a game of fetch any time, any day!

Loyal and protective of his handler, he can be a little wary of strangers. Spoil him with lots of love and treats, and this playful dog will bring plenty of fun and joy to your home.

SIMBO, Male, 11 years old, German Shepherd

He may be big and loud, but don't be afraid to say hello to Simbo! One of the friendliest dogs in the unit, he likes to nuzzle his handlers in exchange for pats.

He also loves belly rubs and will roll over to ask for them! Shower him with love and Simbo will definitely return the favour.

RENZO, Male, 11 years old, Belgian Malinois

[ADOPTED] Renzo does not look or act anywhere near his age. He adores belly rubs and the occasional treat, and is not ashamed to snuggle you to get it!

It might take a while for Renzo to warm up to a new environment, but once he is settled in, this lovable dog is sure to be a great fit for any family.

HAGY, Male, 11 years old, German Shepherd

[ADOPTED] He may be a little shy at the start, but Hagy actually loves attention and being showered with affection – in fact, his handlers have given him the nickname "Huggy"! Like most other dogs, he loves daily walks and playing fetch.

NELSON, Male, 11 years old, Belgian Malinois

Who says males don't enjoy a good pamper? Nelson loves a relaxing grooming session and massage.

Although big in size, he is actually quite timid (he's particularly afraid of stormy weather!). Nelson is diagnosed with arrhythmia (erratic heartbeat rate/rhythm), but that doesn't stop him from being an active and playful dog.

ARON, Male, 8 years old, Belgian Malinois

[ADOPTED] Don't judge him by his age – Aron is a puppy at heart. He also has an endearing way of showing affection – by lying down on his handler! Calm and patient, he makes an excellent walking companion who will stay close by your side.

ZORRO, Female, 10 years old, Belgian Malinois

[ADOPTED] One of the friendliest and gentlest dogs in the unit, Zorro loves attention and easily bonds with her handlers. Her cheerful and easy-going attitude will make her a great canine companion for any family.


Q1. Why are these retired Military Working Dogs put up for adoption?

These dogs have spent their years serving with the SAF, typically retiring at the age of 10. We hope that they can also experience life outside the military, and be adopted into suitable families who can take good care of them. Rest assured that even if these dogs are not adopted, the SAF will continue to care for them for their remaining years.

Q2. Am I eligible to adopt a Military Working Dog?

Only Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents residing in Singapore are eligible to adopt a Military Working Dog.

HDB households can adopt non-Scheduled dogs (Labrador Retriever and English Springer Spaniel for this adoption drive) under Project ADORE, which was expanded previously to allow for the rehoming of retired sniffer dogs in HDB flats. More details on Project ADORE can be found under Q3, or at

For Scheduled dogs (German Shepherd & Belgian Malinois for this adoption drive), only non-HDB households can adopt them. The complete list of Scheduled dogs can be found here:

Q3. What are the requirements of Project ADORE?

  • Owners can only keep 1 registered dog per HDB household.
  • Owners must sign a declaration that they will observe the Code of Responsible Behaviour (CORB, see Appendix A of
  • Owners must check that their immediate neighbours are agreeable to them having the dog.
  • Owners must ensure that the dog is sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped.
  • Owners have to enrol their dogs for compulsory basic obedience training courses by trainers accredited by Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS, restructured from the then-AVA or Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore).
  • Owners must apply for an AVS license and make sure that the dog is HDB-approved.

For more details, visit

Q4. What are the ages and breeds of the Military Working Dogs put up for adoption?

Military Working Dogs are typically between 8 to 11 years old when they are put up for adoption. The breeds include German Shepherd (Alsatian), Belgian Shepherd (Malinois), Labrador Retriever and English Springer Spaniel.

Q5. What are the procedures to adopt a Military Working Dog?

Interested adopters can fill up the application form below during the adoption programme period from 15 Apr to 16 May 2019. Eligible applicants will be given an appointment slot to visit the Military Working Dogs. Upon confirming the applicant's interest to proceed with the adoption, the Adoption Team will arrange for a visit to assess the suitability of the applicant's home.

Successful applicants will be provided with familiarisation training. A post-adoption visit will be conducted after 1 month to ascertain if the Military Working Dog is coping well in the new environment.

Q6. Are there any subsidies for adopters after successful adoption?

The Military Working Dog Unit does not provide any subsidies or free medical care. Adopters will be informed about the existing health and medical conditions of the dogs prior to adoption. For enquiries or assistance, adopters can email the Adoption Team at

Q7. What are the related costs for adopting a Military Working Dog?

Types of Cost
License Fee AVS
Banker's Guarantee (minimum of $2,000) (for Scheduled dogs only) Bank of choice
Insurance for at least S$100,000 coverage against injury to persons and damage to property (for Scheduled dogs only) Insurance company
Basic obedience training courses by AVS-accredited trainers for the adopter and the dog Dog trainer of choice

For more details, visit

Q8. How are the adopters shortlisted?

The Adoption Team will review all applications and assess them based on these criteria:

  • The applicant's proficiency in handling dogs
  • The applicant's family support for dogs
  • The applicant's financial ability to maintain the dog's upkeep
  • The suitability of the applicant's home for the dog
  • The applicant's willingness to commit time to take care of the dog
Application Form

This form will take you around 15 minutes to complete. Do note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

If the form below does not load, you can also access it here.

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