New BMTC School V to Enhance Training and NS Experience for Service-Fit Servicemen

New BMTC School V to Enhance Training and NS Experience for Service-Fit Servicemen

Senior Minister of State for Defence Mr Heng Chee How visited the Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF) Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) School V this afternoon. Established in October 2018, BMTC School V is a dedicated training school for PES C and E recruits, and plays a vital role in providing a holistic and common basic military training experience for the service-fit servicemen. 

During his visit, Mr Heng was briefed on BMTC School V's training framework and interacted with recruits participating in the Service-Fit Fitness Programme (SFFP). The SFFP is an Ability Group Training initiative that customises fitness training based on recruits' PES status and abilities. It currently comprises a series of physical training exercises specially designed for PES C recruits by the Centre of Excellence for Soldier Performance (CESP). The programme may also be expanded to include customised exercises for PES E recruits after ongoing trials.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Heng underscored the importance of National Service (NS) and the mission of BMTC School V to provide a more meaningful NS experience for service-fit servicemen. He said, "National Service is the backbone of the defence of this country. It is very important for us to have effective training that is safe, that leads to a very good and impactful experience for our National Serviceman. There is an overall sense of appreciation about the need to defend this country, and most importantly, that everyone has strengths to contribute to the defence of this country. That is the mission of this School." 

Mr Heng was accompanied by Commander Combat Service Support Command Colonel Terry Tan and other senior officers from the Singapore Army. 

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