Fact Sheet on Training for Army Technicians

Fact Sheet on Training for Army Technicians

Training System for Active Army Technicians. Our Army technicians are progressively trained through theoretical and practical sessions. 

  1. Basic Technical Training (BTT) Phase. After Basic Military Training, selected Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) are posted to the Ordnance Engineering Training Institute (OETI) Engineering School [OES] to undergo 12 weeks of BTT on common platforms such as the Bionix II IFV and Bronco All-Terrain Tracked Carrier. During this phase, the NSF technicians are taught how to perform basic maintenance tasks such as trouble-shooting, and the removal and replacement of components in the platform, in accordance to the maintenance manuals. They are also trained to adhere to safety procedures when operating in the platform. Technicians are also required to follow workshop safety procedures such as donning of personal protective equipment during maintenance works.
  2. On-Job Experience (OJE) Phase. After BTT, the technicians are posted to various maintenance bases where they will undergo four weeks of OJE under the guidance of a regular technician. During this phase, they will continue to hone their maintenance competencies, learn and abide by the maintenance base practices, such as through the holding of safety briefs prior to maintenance works. 
  3. Modular Course Phase. For selected technicians who are required to maintain specialised platforms such as the Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer, Belrex Protected Support Vehicle and Light Strike Vehicle, they will undergo two to four weeks of modular courses to be further equipped with the relevant technical skillsets. Maintenance training during this phase would also include installation and removal of platform components safely in accordance to the maintenance manuals.
  4. On-Job Training (OJT) Phase. Once the necessary training has been completed, the technicians will be posted to various units to support and perform the required maintenance tasks. The technicians would have undergone up to five months of foundational training during their full-time National Service. 

Training System for Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) Army Technicians. During their In-camp Training (ICT), NSmen technicians undergo Maintenance Vocational Training (MVT) to refresh their technical and maintenance competencies acquired during their NSF training. The trainees will be drilled on the theoretical and practical components included in the MVT until they have been assessed to be competent to ensure that the technicians are proficient in performing the required maintenance tasks. Upon the completion of their MVT, the NS technicians will then proceed to train with their respective NS units. Should they be required to participate in overseas exercises, the unit will assess and cater for Just-in-Time (JIT) training for the technicians.

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