Fact Sheet: Special Operations Command Centre

Fact Sheet: Special Operations Command Centre


The Special Operations Command Centre (SOCC) provides the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)'s Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) with the capability to centrally plan, monitor and manage multiple Counter-Terrorism (CT) and contingency operations. As part of the SAF's Next Gen CT operations, the smart and networked centre leverages technology to support operational planning and coordination, improving sense-making for better situational awareness. This enables the execution of CT operations to be faster, leaner and more lethal.

Capabilities of the SOCC

Enhanced Operational Responsiveness. The SOCC is a centralised command centre with enhanced connectivity to other Whole-of-Government agencies, allowing the SOTF to conduct distributed operations across the island. When activated, the SOCC can receive live images from multiple incident sites to allow SOCC planners to better understand and assess the situation real-time. Key imagery collated at the SOCC can also be timely shared with SOTF operators at the incident sites, improving their situation awareness and last-mile execution. This shortens the planning and execution cycle, enhancing operational responsiveness of the SOTF.

Better Sense-making through Data Analytics. Jointly developed by the SAF and Defence Science and Technology Agency, the SOCC harnesses technology such as data analytics and artificial intelligence. It provides SOTF planners with an integrated platform to collect, analyse, fuse and make sense of mission essential information. This enables the SOCC to derive richer operational insights by analysing various sources of information and recommending possible courses of action.

Networked Capabilities for Synchronised Situation Picture. The SOCC is also equipped with enhanced Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) systems. It is able to process information from multiple sources including Whole-of-Government sensors, the SAF's internal sources and last-mile surveillance assets such as drones to collate a synchronised situation picture. The integrated structure allows seamless access and sharing of information between SOTF and other government agencies, strengthening cooperation during joint operations.

Organic Surveillance Capability – Rapide-i4

The Rapide-i4 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) was acquired as part of the SOTF's efforts to have an organic surveillance capability. The Rapide-i4 is a weatherproof system that provides the SOTF with an information-gathering system for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Equipped with Electro-Optical/Infra-Red systems, it is able to conduct surveillance in both day and night, and can be connected to the SOCC to provide added surveillance capability to operators.

Technical Specifications


Flare Dynamics

Flight Endurance

Up to 36mins

Cruise Speed

Up to 10m/s


89.8cm x 89.8cm x 30cm



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