Singapore and Australian Armies Strengthen Professional Ties at Inaugural Exercise Crescent Star

Singapore and Australian Armies Strengthen Professional Ties at Inaugural Exercise Crescent Star

The inaugural Exercise Crescent Star between the Singapore Army and the Australian Army was conducted from 24 to 29 October 2018. Held in Singapore, the exercise involved 220 exercise participants from the Singapore Armed Force (SAF)'s Army Deployment Force and the Australian Defence Force (ADF)'s Rifle Company Butterworth. As part of the exercise, both armies jointly conducted a small arms live-firing[1] at Nee Soon Range followed by an integrated company manoeuvre exercise at the Murai Urban Training Facility, where exercise troops jointly launched an assault to capture an urban objective. The exercise participants also shared their tactics, techniques and procedures for Close Quarters Battle with each other to enhance interoperability between both armies.
The exercise closing ceremony was held today at Nee Soon Camp, co-officiated by Commanding Officer, Army Deployment Force, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Justin Lee and Commanding Officer, 2/30 Training Group, Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) Malcom Beck. Commenting on the exercise, LTC Lee said, "We are certainly honoured to be able to host the Australian Army for the inaugural Exercise Crescent Star in Singapore this year. This has further strengthened our close cooperation and longstanding relationship with the Australian Army." LTCOL Beck also shared, "My men have been looking forward to this exercise as we greatly value the opportunity to train with our Singaporean friends again."

The SAF and ADF share a long history of military cooperation, with extensive interactions that include bilateral exercises such as Exercise Matilda and Exercise Trident, as well as multilateral exercises under the Five Power Defence Arrangements framework. The two militaries have also undertaken joint operational deployments in countries such as East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. These interactions have enhanced the professionalism of both armed forces, and fostered close personal relationships among their personnel. 


[1] Live-firing using assault rifles

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