Fact Sheet: Enhancing Training for Homeland Security Operations

Fact Sheet: Enhancing Training for Homeland Security Operations

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) enhances training for homeland security operations through two key efforts: (i) the Island Defence Training Institute (IDTI) -- Centre of Excellence for Island Defence Training; and (ii) SAF and Singapore Police Force (SPF) Joint Training.

Centre of Excellence for Island Defence Training 

The IDTI was inaugurated on 31 July 2017 as the Centre of Excellence for Island Defence training. So far, the IDTI has trained 12,000 operationally ready national servicemen (NSmen) for Island Defence operations such as the protection of installations, as well as 18,000 active servicemen and NSmen for homeland security operations. 

Adopting Simulation Technology to Conduct More Effective Training. The IDTI currently leverages simulation training at the Infantry Gunnery and Tactical Simulator to refine our soldiers’ judgement and critical thinking processes using homeland security scenarios. Since the beginning of 2018, the IDTI has adopted simulation technology to train the Peacekeeper Protected Response Vehicle (PRV)’s commanders and operators. The enhancements to PRV training include (i) greater training efficiency as trainees go through scenarios on the simulator to hone both their gunnery and driving skills before they embark on field training; and (ii) an increased training realism as the simulator provides trainees with experience on scenarios that cannot be executed during field training due to safety constraints.

Training the Trainer for Counter-Terrorism Community Response. The IDTI has also trained the SAF's Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) trainers to conduct the Counter-Terrorism Community Response package, which has been rolled out in the Basic Military Training curriculum. From 2018, all recruits will be trained to contribute as first responders in their communities to respond to a crisis or security incident even when they are not on duty. The Community Response training equips recruits to recognise and report signs of potential threats, as well as the responses which they could undertake to respond in a terrorist attack.

Singapore Armed Forces and Singapore Police Force Joint Training

From early 2018, the SAF's Homeland Security Training Centre (HSTC) and SPF's Frontline Policing Training Centre (FPTC) will be conducting routine joint training sessions for Army National Service units to enhance interoperability between the two security forces, and to equip our soldiers with skillsets to perform homeland security operations. During the joint training sessions, SAF troopers and police officers will hone their tactical competencies of operating together through a series of training scenarios.

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