Citation for the Decommissioning of Fearless-Class Patrol Vessels RSS Daring and RSS Resilience

Citation for the Decommissioning of Fearless-Class Patrol Vessels RSS Daring and RSS Resilience

This citation is given in recognition of RSS Daring and RSS Resilience's invaluable contributions and dedicated service to the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and Singapore. 

RSS Daring and RSS Resilience were commissioned on 3rd May 1997 and 7th February 1998 respectively. Together with their sister Patrol Vessels (PVs), both ships were entrusted with the task of protecting our territorial waters and safeguarding our Sea Lines of Communication for the past decades. Beyond contributing to RSN's maritime security operations, RSS Daring and RSS Resilience flew the RSN flag high in many overseas exercises and operations.

RSS Daring's participation in Ex Singsiam, SIMBEX (Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise), Ex Malapura, Ex Bersama Lima and other foreign exercises had strengthened the RSN's relations with regional and extra-regional partners. RSS Daring will also be remembered for her professionalism in operations. Notably in 2004, she assisted Tanker High Endurance, which caught fire after a collision with another container vessel in Singapore waters. Just last year, she was again the first to render assistance to USS John S McCain when she met with a collision in the Singapore Strait. Over her years of service, RSS Daring won numerous awards which include the Best Maritime Security (MARSEC) Unit Award in WY17/18 and five squadron Best Ship Awards in her years of service.

RSS Resilience's participation in Ex CARAT (Cooperation and Readiness Afloat Training Exercise), MILAN, Ex Malapura and ADMM-Plus Maritime Security and Counter-Terrorism Exercise, also helped to enhance the RSN's interoperability with the regional and extra-regional navies. She was the first PV that successfully fired a MISTRAL Surface-to-Air Missile during Ex CARAT in 2001. Beyond exercises, RSS Resilience had carried out two successful Search and Rescue operations in Singapore territorial waters, saving the lives of four mariners from a sinking barge in 2009 and one fisherman from a sinking sampan in 2013. Over her years of service, RSS Resilience won two Best MARSEC Unit Awards and two squadron Best Ship Awards. 

Throughout their operational service, RSS Daring and RSS Resilience were an integral part of the RSN's 24/7 High Readiness Core and truly lived up to 182 Squadron's motto of being "Sharp and Vigilant". The success of these two ships would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication, professionalism, tenacity and sacrifices of many generations of officers and crew who served on-board.

The RSN salutes RSS Daring and RSS Resilience for their decades of unwavering service. Their qualities, values and contributions shall continue to inspire the men and women of the RSN for generations to come. 

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