Fact Sheet - Enhanced Certificate of Service for Full-time National Servicemen

Fact Sheet - Enhanced Certificate of Service for Full-time National Servicemen


The Committee to Strengthen National Service (CSNS) was set up in March 2013 to examine how the NS system could be strengthened for the future, to better serve Singapore and Singaporeans. One of its 30 recommendations was to enhance the Certificate of Service (COS) to highlight the competencies and skills that full-time national servicemen (NSFs) gain during full-time NS.

Enhancements to COS Package

 From January 2018, full-time national servicemen in the SAF and Home Team who complete their full-time NS will receive an enhanced COS package, which includes an enhanced service transcript and a certificate of completion. NSFs who perform exceptionally well and those who shoulder leadership responsibilities will also receive a testimonial in recognition of their contributions.

In addition to displaying the contributions, achievements and courses attended, the enhanced COS service transcript will reflect the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) accreditation of competencies and skills gained during full-time NS. The transcript will also include a record of the awards, commendations and milestone accomplishments achieved by serviceman during full-time NS. Contributions made over and beyond full-time NS duties, such as the voluntary extension of service after the completion of full-time NS, will be reflected as well.   

In conjunction with the launch of the enhanced COS package, an Employers' Guide will be produced to help employers better understand the significance of the various NS milestones and achievements, including soft skills and character attributes displayed or developed by NSFs.

The enhanced COS package, together with the Employers' Guide, will give due recognition to the skills and qualities developed by our national servicemen during full-time NS. This aids in the employability of our national servicemen after they complete their full-time NS.

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