Fact Sheet: Republic of Singapore Navy 50th Anniversary Exhibition at VivoCity (RSN50@Vivo)

Fact Sheet: Republic of Singapore Navy 50th Anniversary Exhibition at VivoCity (RSN50@Vivo)


RSN50@Vivo caps the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)'s golden jubilee celebrations. Visitors can expect to gain a better understanding of the RSN's journey from its humble beginnings. Growing alongside Singapore, the RSN built up its capabilities to become an advanced fighting force and has established itself as an internationally respected Navy.

Singapore is an island nation that depends heavily on the sea. Much of our daily needs are carried by ships which transport a wide range of items, from food to petroleum products and construction materials. For the last 50 years, the RSN has been Singapore's first line of defence, safeguarding Singapore's sovereignty and ensuring that our sea lines of communication (SLOCs) remain open. The RSN is proud to serve Singapore as the maritime force for our maritime nation.

From 9 to 12 November 2017, the public will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the RSN's ships, weapons and equipment through exciting exhibits, and interact with our servicemen and women who play a vital role in the defence of Singapore. For more information on the event, members of the public may visit www.mindef.sg/rsn50atvivo.


RSN50@Vivo Highlights

Tours and Rides

"Maritime Nation, Maritime Force" Gallery. Step back in time and trace Singapore's roots as a maritime nation. The RSN has grown in tandem with Singapore to safeguard its sovereignty and to defend our SLOCs for Singapore's survival and prosperity. From the first raising of the naval ensign on 5 May 1967, learn how the RSN transformed from a Navy with only two wooden boats to a modern, well-respected, and capable naval force with international reach and influence. See how the Navy celebrated its coming of age with navies from around the world. 

Tour the Frigate. The RSN's Formidable-class stealth frigate will be docked at the VivoCity Promenade. Visitors can hop aboard RSS Intrepid, one of the Navy's most advanced warships, to gain an insight to life at sea and the ship's voyages around the world. Tickets are available for on-site balloting at VivoCity during event days. Visitors may choose from two routes:

•    Ship Route A will bring visitors to the bridge, or the "eyes" of the ship, and showcase RSS Intrepid's sharp-edge capabilities including its advanced weaponry.
•    Ship Route B allows visitors to step into the lives of our sailors. This route offers a glimpse into the crew's living quarters, dining room and galley, where meals are prepared. 

Fast Craft Utility Rides. Visitors can also enjoy a ride on the Fast Craft Utility (FCU), which takes them on a journey through Singapore's maritime heritage. Visitors can expect views of the Singapore skyline as the FCU sails along the Southern coastline past key maritime landmarks, such as Tanjong Berlayer, Pulau Bukom, and Keppel and Brani Container Terminals. Tickets are available for on-site balloting at VivoCity during event days.

Immersive Experience

Ever imagined what it is like to sail through the Singapore Strait or dive below its surface? At the simulator stations, visitors will learn what sailors from the RSN do to protect Singapore's way of life and ensure the nation's continued prosperity.

Defending Our Everyday 24/7. Visitors will go on a patrol with the RSN's newest Littoral Mission Vessel and stop a small boat attack in Singapore's busy waterways.

Our Silent Hunters. Visitors will experience the difficulty and thrill of navigating a submarine undetected as they prepare to launch an attack on a hostile naval warship.

Sharp Edge of the Navy

This capabilities display is a highlight for military geeks. Weapons and equipment from the Navy's arsenal like the 25mm Typhoon gun, 76mm Super Rapid Naval Gun, Aster anti-missile system, Combatant Craft Medium, Harpoon anti-ship Missile, Heavyweight Torpedo, K-STER Mine Disposal System and ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will be on display.

Be a Naval Sailor

Experience first-hand the work our sailors do. This zone gives children the opportunity to role play as a surgeon in the Rapidly Deployable Maritime Container's operating theatre, assist in damage control as they patch a hole in the hull of a ship, or scale a Jacob's ladder - designed to simulate boarding a ship - as a member of the sea security team. Children can also have their pictures taken in specially customised kid-sized Navy uniforms.
Uniquely Navy

Navies around the world have strong heritage comprising naval customs and traditions. Landlubbers - or those unfamiliar with the sea - can find out more about sailor-speak, learn about the birth of a ship from keel-laying to commissioning, try their hand at basic ropework, and even test their knowledge of naval flags.

Live Performances and Navy Collectibles

Enjoy daily performances by Navy personnel and special guests. Snap photos with our Navy ambassadors, and complete a Naval Explorer Kit to bring home unique Navy memorabilia for the family.

Ceremonial Sunset. The Singapore flag and Naval ensign are raised every morning. As day crosses to night, witness our sailors in their ceremonial uniforms conduct one of the oldest naval traditions on the deck of RSS Intrepid, as they lower the ensign at sunset. The ceremony will be conducted at 6.50pm daily.

Performances. Performances are scheduled at VivoCity Central Court twice a day at noon and at 5pm. Catch the elite Naval Diving Unit as they demonstrate their strength, willpower, and endurance in the gruelling boat physical training, which involves heaving 80kg dinghies while doing push-ups, pull-ups, tosses and squats. Also look out for precision drills by the National Cadet Corps, and special performances by children from the People's Action Party Community Foundation as they perform stories from our Ahoy, Navy! series of children's books.

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