Fact Sheet: Next Gen SAFTI City to Revamp the SAFTI Training Area

Fact Sheet: Next Gen SAFTI City to Revamp the SAFTI Training Area

Realistic Training Environment for a Full Spectrum of Operations

A new "SAFTI City" will be built as part of the SAF's Next Gen transformation efforts to revamp its SAFTI training area in the west of Singapore. SAFTI City will be about the size of Bishan, and comprise two sectors spanning across a combined land area of 88 hectares (0.88km2). With extensive road networks and more than 200 buildings of varying heights and types, SAFTI City will allow training for a full spectrum of operations. This includes training for homeland security operations, counter-terrorism operations, urban operations, disaster relief operations and island defence. 

a.    Sector 1 - Island Defence: Sector 1 will allow the training of Island Defence competencies such as coastal defence operations. Sector 1 is located at the northern edge of the Poyan Reservoir with features such as a petrochemical complex, warehouses, container parks and industrial buildings.

b.    Sector 2 - Homeland Security, Urban Operations and Disaster Relief Operations: Sector 2 will focus on training the competencies of Homeland Security and Urban Operations. It will contain key urban features such as multiple road networks, basement carparks, dense clusters of shop houses, high-rise interconnected buildings, a bus interchange, a MRT station with multiple surface exits and low-rise residences. These urban terrain features will simulate the dense urban environment of Singapore's commercial-residential areas. Sector 2 will also allow the Army to train for disaster relief operations, and civil contingency response operations in support of the Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Enhanced Learning and Training Experience

SAFTI City will be equipped with Battlefield Instrumentation and video cameras to allow real-time tracking of the servicemen's and unit's combat actions. The data will be collated and processed using intelligent analytics software and packaged into learning materials to conduct effective training debriefs. SAFTI City will also be equipped with battlefield effects simulators to create an immersive training environment for more realistic and engaging training.

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