Fact Sheet: SAF C4 Command Integrates C4 and Cyber Defence Capabilities

Fact Sheet: SAF C4 Command Integrates C4 and Cyber Defence Capabilities


The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) C4 Command is set up to coordinate and implement C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computers) and cyber defence operations and capabilities. It will operate and defend SAF networks that support a full spectrum of SAF operations in both peace and war. As both C4 and cyber defence operations ensure the availability and security of SAF military networks, tightly integrating them under a single command allows the SAF to (i) better harness operational synergies between network and cyber defence operations; and (ii) optimise resources by centralising common functions like training, human resource and logistics. The SAF C4 Command will be inaugurated in November 2017.

Structure and Organisation

The SAF C4 Command will comprise two Brigade-equivalent groups -- the recently established Cyber Defence Group (CDG) and the existing C4 Operations Group (C4OG). When fully staffed over the next 10 years, the SAF C4 Command will be made up of about 2,000 Regular and National Servicemen.  

Cyber Defence Group

The CDG will comprise about 1,300 servicemen when it is fully staffed over the next 10 years. The CDG will be responsible for the 24/7 cyber defence of the SAF's military networks, and will further enhance the robustness and resilience of the SAF's military networks and systems against cyber threats. It is crucial to enhance cyber defence efforts as the potential for cyberattacks to inflict damage to our military capabilities has grown with the SAF's transformation to an increasingly networked and technology-centric force.

The CDG comprises two operational units: (i) a Security Monitoring Unit, and (ii) an Incident Response and Audit Unit. The two operational units will (a) conduct 24/7 security monitoring of the SAF's military networks to detect any anomalies, flag out potential attacks and coordinate cyber defence responses; (b) respond to cyber defence incidents on the SAF's military networks, where response teams will be forward deployed to identify, contain and neutralise cyber threats; and (c) audit the security of the SAF's military networks and systems. The CDG also comprises the Cyber Defence Test and Evaluation Centre (CyTEC). The CyTEC, fully operational since 2015, provides facilities for network security testing, cyber defence tools evaluation, and conduct of cyber defence training and exercises. Such activities would enhance the security and resilience of the SAF military networks and facilitate the build-up of cyber defence competencies.

While under the command of HQ SAF C4 Command, the CDG will also take direction from the Defence Cyber Organisation (DCO) on policy and long-term capability development in cyber defence. In the event of large-scale cyber incidents that affect multiple domains in the Defence Cluster, which also includes defence industry partners and MINDEF-Related Organisations, the CDG will work with the DCO, which takes charge of incident response and coordinates actions across the Defence Cluster. The CDG will be inaugurated in November 2017.

C4 Operations Group

The C4OG is an existing group within the SAF comprising about 700 Regular and National Servicemen. The group will retain its existing responsibilities of operating and managing the SAF's strategic networks and resources. The C4OG comprises two operational units -- a Network Operations Unit and a Network Monitoring Unit. These two units (a) operate and maintain the SAF's strategic network infrastructure; and (b) conduct 24/7 network monitoring of the SAF's military networks to ensure that they are operational.

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