99 Appointed as Senior Military Experts

99 Appointed as Senior Military Experts

Senior Minister of State for Defence Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman officiated at the 14th Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Senior Military Expert Appointment Ceremony at Temasek Club this evening, where 99 servicemen and servicewomen were appointed as Senior Military Experts (MEs). The graduating cohort comprised 18 from the Singapore Army, 38 from the Republic of Singapore Navy, 25 from the Republic of Singapore Air Force and 18 from Joint.

At the ceremony, Dr Maliki spoke about the important role MEs play in the face of constantly evolving threats, including new terror methods and the rise of attacks in the digital domain. He said, "As a Senior ME, you must leverage your deep domain expertise to stretch the operational and technological boundaries of the SAF… The SAF looks to you for leadership in critical domains such as engineering and intelligence. You give the SAF the cutting-edge capability and enable the SAF to be operationally ready to achieve mission success, in our ever-changing threat environment."

This evening's ceremony marked the completion of the Military Domain Experts Course, which trains MEs to assume roles in the SAF where in-depth expertise in areas such as engineering, intelligence and military medicine is required. The training conducted during the course developed and honed the ME's leadership competency, military domain knowledge and specialised skills. The newly-appointed Senior MEs will move on to assume command or staff appointments in their professional areas.

Also present at the ceremony was Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant-General Perry Lim, senior SAF officers as well as families and friends of the graduands.

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