Fact Sheet: Hardware Assurance Team (Temasek Laboratories, NTU)

Fact Sheet: Hardware Assurance Team (Temasek Laboratories, NTU)

Defence Technology Prize 2016 Team (R&D) Award Winner

Hardware Assurance Team

Temasek Laboratories (Nanyang Technological University)


The Hardware Assurance Team from Temasek Laboratories at Nanyang Technological University, has developed physical and circuit analysis techniques and software for advanced integrated circuits chips against hardware Trojans. This is achieved through new sample preparation recipes, efficient high resolution imaging techniques and processing, and automated circuit analysis. The capabilities achieved can ensure the trustworthiness of electronics used in Singapore's defence systems. In recognition of the team's significant achievements, the Hardware Assurance Team is awarded the DTP 2016 Team (R&D) Award.


The Hardware Assurance team from Temasek Laboratories at Nanyang Technological University (TL@NTU) consists of researchers based in the School of Materials Science & Engineering and School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

TL@NTU is a joint collaboration between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF). Established in 2003, the mission of the laboratory is to explore the frontiers in science and develop strategic technologies that will deliver effective solutions to enhance the defence and security of Singapore. Currently, it has 14 research programmes with more than 130 research staff, led by over 40 faculty principal investigators.

Technical Innovation and Operational Impact

The team has over the last 10 years built up and developed the methodology, tools, and techniques for the sample preparation and imaging of Integrated Circuits (IC) chip for hardware Trojan detection. We have also improved on the approach for image processing, and developed new methodology and software for more efficient circuit analysis of the chip. Our capability has advanced to the latest sub-micron integrated circuits technology and 3D devices. The key technological contributions and innovations made are as follow:

  • Developed new sample preparation methodology for advanced copper metallization with narrow linewidth
  • Developed computed tomography (CT) x-ray imaging and analysis for 3D devices
  • Reduced post-imaging processing time significantly through innovative approach and process flow
  • Developed intelligent computer algorithms for automated analysis of circuit functionality

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Professor Gan Chee Lip






Temasek Lab@NTU




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Professor Gan Chee Lip

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