Smart Defence Vision Announced at MINDEF PRIDE Day 2015

Smart Defence Vision Announced at MINDEF PRIDE Day 2015

Second Minister for Defence Mr Lui Tuck Yew officiated at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) PRIDE (PRoductivity and Innovation in Daily Efforts) Day 2015 award presentation ceremony held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design this afternoon.

Speaking at the award presentation ceremony, Mr Lui articulated MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF) vision as a Smart Defence organisation for the next bound of innovation. He said, "Our vision of Smart Defence is to apply new technologies so that we as an organisation work smarter, and our people's work lives are improved as a result. Within the SAF, data mining and analytics, coupled with predictive engines, can offer us sustained sense-making and intelligence to detect security threats to Singapore... At the individual level, work life in MINDEF/SAF can be better and much improved through smart technologies. All these are in line with the national vision for Singapore to be a Smart Nation." Mr Lui also highlighted the importance of continual innovation in MINDEF/SAF to find better ways to achieve its mission. He added, "Looking ahead, as the SAF of the future will be even leaner, we must make technology work harder for us, so as to maximise every soldier's potential in operations and relieve as much as possible the exposure of our personnel to dangerous, or even laborious and mundane tasks."

The MINDEF PRIDE Movement has been promoting a culture of organisational excellence, innovation and productivity across MINDEF and the SAF since 1981. MINDEF PRIDE Day is held annually to recognise the outstanding efforts and contributions by participants of the MINDEF PRIDE Movement. This year's theme, "Smart Nation, Smart Defence" reflects MINDEF's journey into Smart Defence by harnessing technology to bring value to individuals and to MINDEF/SAF at the organisational level.

A total of 187 awards were presented to individuals, groups and units from MINDEF and the SAF in recognition of their outstanding and innovative projects. Through their innovations and work improvement ideas, savings of $141.8 million were achieved in the last financial year.

The public is invited to visit the MINDEF PRIDE Day 2015 Exhibition, which is held at the Campus Centre, Building 2 of the Singapore University of Technology and Design from 2-4 Sep 2015, 9am to 5pm. The exhibition showcases a range of innovative projects contributed by individuals and teams from MINDEF, the SAF, and the Defence Science & Technology Agency

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