Fact Sheet: First Intake of the SAF Volunteer Corps

Fact Sheet: First Intake of the SAF Volunteer Corps


The establishment of the SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) is one of 30 recommendations by the Committee to Strengthen National Service (CSNS) accepted by the Singapore Government in June 2014. It is a uniformed volunteer scheme which provides more Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) the opportunity to contribute to national defence, support National Service and deepen their understanding and ownership of national defence. SAFVC Volunteers (SVs) will be deployed alongside regulars and national servicemen.

A total of 150 SVs will be recruited for the 2015 cohort, and they will be enlisted in three intakes on 24 Mar 15, 11 Apr 15, and 15 Jun 15 respectively. Since the launch of the SAFVC in Oct 2014, we have received over 900 applications.  68 have been recruited for the first intake.


Training Duration.  All SVs are required to complete two weeks of Basic Training and one week of Qualification Training for their respective roles. SVs may be required to undergo an additional week of Advanced Training for some of the roles (e.g., Auxiliary Security Trooper, Bridge Watchkeeper, Deck Operator). The training may be conducted over a continuous period or one-day modules over a series of weekends.

The two-week Basic Training will provide SVs with a basic appreciation of the military ethos and an understanding of the importance of national defence. SVs will undergo training modules such as SAR21 live firing and a two-day field camp.

The one-week Qualification Training will provide SVs with tailored training to qualify them for their respective roles. For example, an SV volunteering as an Auxiliary Security Trooper will undergo one week of training in areas such as Basic Protection and Security as well as Basic Search and Arrest Techniques.

The one-week Advanced Training will prepare SVs to be deployed in armed roles. For example, an SV volunteering as an Auxiliary Security Trooper will have to undergo additional training modules such as Military Police Close Combat Training (MPCCT), live firing, and equipment training.

Basic Training. The purpose of Basic Training is to enable SVs to gain insight into what it means to serve in a uniformed capacity in the SAF to enhance the peace and security of Singapore. SVs will experience firsthand the ethos and culture of the SAF. The training philosophy of the SAFVC is that training must be progressive, safe and meaningful. SVs will learn the importance of looking after their buddies and fellow SVs. They will learn to work together as a team to complete their assigned tasks. Over time, SVs will gain experience and become more proficient.

The following are some topics to be covered during Basic Training:

S/N Topic Description
Basic Military Skills

Individual Field Craft (IFC)


SVs will be trained in camouflage skills, field observation skills and tactical movement in both day and night.


SAR21 Train-fire Package

SVs will learn technical handling of the SAR21 and how to maintain the weapon. SVs will undergo the Individual Marksmanship Training (IMT) which is a simulated exercise to help SVs achieve better target accuracy. The Train-Fire Package will conclude with a live firing at the weapon range.


Battle Inoculation Course (BIC)

The BIC is designed to develop resilience and self-confidence as the SVs make their way through a simulated battle environment with urban and conventional obstacles while having a General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) firing overhead.


Buddy Aid

The buddy aid program is designed to equip SVs with necessary life-saving skills, for example, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) equipment.


Foot Drills

SVs will be taught basic foot drills to inculcate a sense of military regimentation and discipline.


Aerobic and Strength Training

SVs will undergo training to develop their fitness levels so that they can perform their roles well.


Standard Obstacle Course (SOC)

SVs will be guided through the SOC to better appreciate the obstacles that soldiers need to overcome in an urban operating environment.


Route March

SVs will take part in a route march designed to develop their combat fitness and endurance.

Learning and Understanding Context

General Military Knowledge and Culture (GMKC)

SVs will be given an understanding of defence to better appreciate military ethos.

Leadership and Values

Team Building, Team Learning (TBTL) and Action Learning Process (ALP)

TBTL provides SVs with a structured process to create working conditions for effective teams.

ALP provides SVs with a systematic approach to increase learning before, during and after all activities. This process will optimise learning and engagement for trainees.

Confidence and Resilience

Field Camp

The IFC skills learned will be put into use during the Field Camp when SVs will learn to live and fight together as a team.

Commitment and Engagement

National Education

SVs will be given an understanding of the security, economic and social challenges facing Singapore.

Training Safety. The safety of our servicemen/women is of utmost importance in the SAF. All SVs taking part in training have cleared their medical examination prior to enlistment. This ensures that they are physically fit and healthy enough to participate in training and to be deployed in their roles. The training will be progressive and it will be conducted by experienced trainers.

Basic, Qualification and Advanced Training Course Dates for 2015 Cohort.

Basic Training.  The Basic Training Course will be conducted on the following dates:

24 Mar – 4 Apr 15 (Continuous)
11 Apr – 14 Jun 15 (Modular)
15    Jun – 26 Jun 15 (Continuous)

Qualification and Advanced Training.  The Qualification and Advanced Training Course will run from Apr 2015 onwards.

Deployment. All SVs would need to have completed their training before they are deployed to serve in their respective roles.

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