SAF Promotes Greater Ownership with Self-Administered IPT Trial

SAF Promotes Greater Ownership with Self-Administered IPT Trial

Today marks the start of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)'s four-month Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) Preparatory Training (IPT)-in-the-Park trial. Second Minister for Defence Mr Chan Chun Sing visited the inaugural session of the IPT-in-the-Park trial at Bishan Park this evening. Attended by some 20 Operationally-Ready National Servicemen (NSmen), the trial is part of the SAF's holistic physical fitness training approach to motivate more NSmen to take ownership of their fitness.

Speaking after his visit, Mr Chan highlighted that he was heartened at how NSmen are taking fitness training seriously, and the SAF hopes to encourage more NSmen to keep fit with flexible options that cater to different training needs of our servicemen. He added that these efforts will further motivate NSmen to take greater ownership of their fitness while balancing the demands of family and work. Mr Chan said, "We have made various changes to help our NSmen better prepare for their fitness test and also to make it more convenient for them. Some of these recent initiatives include the IPT-in-the-Park, which will bring greater convenience to the NSmen We hope all these will help the NSmen improve their fitness eventually. We are very happy to see NSmen taking charge of their own fitness because that tells people that they are committed." At the event, Mr Chan also announced the trial of a Self-Administered IPT which allows NSmen to use technology to monitor and track their own IPT progress.

The Self-Administered IPT trial, which involves either the use of a mobile application (the Interactive Diet and Activity Tracker (iDAT)) or a wearable fitness band, will allow servicemen from a selected NS unit to conduct and monitor self-paced fitness training equivalent to IPT sessions. The four-month trial will be held concurrently with the IPT-in-the-Park trial starting this September. The Self-Administered IPT trial is one of the four initiatives the SAF has introduced to engage and engender greater fitness ownership amongst NSmen through flexible training options. The other initiatives include the revised IPPT format, IPT programme enhancements at Fitness Conditioning Centres and the IPT-in-the-Park trial. Mr Chan was accompanied by Chief of Army Major-General Perry Lim in his visit.

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