Fact Sheet: The SAF Care Fund

Fact Sheet: The SAF Care Fund

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Care Fund is set up to provide additional support to SAF servicemen who are severely disabled due to military service, over and above MINDEF's existing compensation and welfare frameworks. The Fund enables members of the public to make contributions and show their support to injured servicemen.

Compensation Framework

Under MINDEF's existing compensation framework, injured servicemen will receive a lump sum compensation based on the degree of permanent disability sustained. The amount is doubled for disabilities that result from military training or operations. Additional amounts are also provided to servicemen with total permanent disability who require constant care.

MINDEF will also pay for all medical expenses for the treatment of injured servicemen at government/restructured hospitals or clinics. This includes the costs of medical supplies and equipment, counselling and psychological care for as long as required by the servicemen. Welfare Framework

MINDEF and SAF provide a broad range of welfare support to assist injured servicemen and families of deceased servicemen. Under the SAF Benevolent Fund, several types of welfare grants are provided.

SAF Care Fund

Over and above the existing frameworks, the SAF Care Fund provides additional financial support to severely disabled servicemen who require long term care and support. The SAF Care Fund will rely on monies donated by the public and MINDEF will provide a one-for-one matching grant.

Management and Structure

The SAF Care Fund is set up as an Institution of Public Character and managed in accordance with the Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of Public Character issued by the Charity Council. There is a governing board to oversee the administration and management of the SAF Care Fund. The board comprises MINDEF and SAF personnel as well as independent directors.

Financial Arrangements

The SAF Care Fund is managed as an endowment fund. This means that public contributions that are endowed will not be drawn down. Thus far, we have received about $1 million in endowed donations, mainly through the generosity of the Lee Foundation.

As a demonstration of MINDEF's support and to encourage public contributions, MINDEF will provide a 1:1 matching grant of up to $2.5 million. Public contributions to the SAF Care Fund will be tax-deductible in accordance to IPC guidelines.

SAF Care Fund Grants

The governing board of the SAF Care Fund will determine the grant disbursement policies, which includes the eligibility criteria and disbursement amounts. This information can be found in the Annual Report which is available on the Charity Portal.

SAF Care Fund Secretariat

Members of the public who would like to make enquiries or donate to the SAF Care Fund can do so via the following channels:

  1. visit our website;
  2. send an email to saf_care_fund@defence.gov.sg;
  3. call the SAF Care Fund hotline at 6277 0561 (during office hours);
  4. Giving.sg (for donations only)
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