Fact Sheet: No.4 Uniforms for Navy and the Air Force

Fact Sheet: No.4 Uniforms for Navy and the Air Force

The SAF has introduced a No.4 uniform for Navy and Air Force personnel to enhance operational effectiveness and enhance functionality:

a) Enhancing operational effectiveness

In view of the urban terrain of the air and naval bases, two separate greyish-blue pixelised patterns were selected to achieve better concealment and enhance survivability. The colour scheme is a better match against the commonly used colours of aircraft, ships and key installations. This effectively blends the airmen and sailors in their respective operating platforms and enhances their survival by delaying enemy detection time.

The pixelised pattern generates micro-patterns within macro-patterns to reduce detection of personnel, making personnel less obvious as a visual target for hostile forces, while working in an airfield environment, a naval base or on the exposed decks of a ship.

b) Enhancing functionality

The new uniforms take advantage of advances in material technology such as quick dry properties and greater heat and perspiration dissipation. The uniforms will also have improved features to adhere to the safety requirements and mitigate potential hazards in the working environment. New safety boots of breathable material with zip and composite toe-cap will replace the current safety boot.

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