Fact Sheet: Murai Urban Training Facility

Fact Sheet: Murai Urban Training Facility

Urban military operations are increasingly common and have grown in complexity in recent years. To meet these challenges, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) continues to develop its urban operations (UO) capabilities.

The Army and Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) have jointly developed the Murai Urban Training Facility (MUTF) to support the development of the SAF's UO capabilities. Built to resemble a typical town, the MUTF offers a range of realistic training scenarios, from tactical engagements to combined arms manoeuvres.

Location and Infrastructure

The MUTF is located at the existing Lim Chu Kang training area, in the vicinity of Jalan Murai. Part of the training facility is located within the SAFTI Live Firing Area for the conduct of live-firing exercises.

The facility features various urban districts to expose soldiers to different operating environments. These include single-level houses; a commercial district comprising multi-function, multi-storey buildings; a residential district; as well as an industrial district. Features such as bus-stops, traffic lights and over-head bridges have also been added for greater realism. 


The MUTF training instrumentation supplements the SAF's existing Battlefield Instrumentation (BFI) system. The BFI only monitors troops when they are out in the open, while the MUTF training instrumentation has an indoor tracking system to monitor troops when they enter buildings. This combined instrumentation system allows for real-time tracking of soldiers, vehicles and equipment, as well as tactical engagements and casualties.

The MUTF is equipped with video monitoring and recording functions, and a control tower built for after-action reviews, all of which facilitate learning and doctrine development. The completed facility will also have a variety of battlefield effects simulators which can create noise and blast effects, to further enhance training realism.

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