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Safety & Systems Review Directorate

During the Committee of Supply Debate 2013, the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) announced that a Safety and Systems Review Directorate (SSRD) would be formed to oversee the conduct of safety and systems reviews for MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The Directorate (SSRD) was subsequently formed on 22 March 2013. 


The main roles of the Directorate are as follows:


  • Conduct system reviews for MINDEF and the SAF, with the primary focus being on the SAF’s safety management system.


  • Convene external review panels, where appropriate, in order to tap on external expertise and impartiality.

The mission of SSRD is to conduct safety and systems reviews, and propose improvements that will help MINDEF and the SAF remain safe, robust and effective.


We strive to be a valued and respected team, enhancing safety and systems excellence in MINDEF and the SAF.

Our Values

Integrity, Professionalism and Excellence

Our Logo

The globe symbolizes the holistic, objective and balanced approach that SSRD adopts as it conducts safety and system reviews for MINDEF and the SAF. The blue section of the globe represents integrity and professionalism, while green is the colour associated with safety. The twin black trails, rising to the right, signifies the Directorate's quest for excellence in its two key areas of focus — safety and systems.