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Defence Cyber Organisation

The Defence Cyber Organisation (DCO) leads and drives cybersecurity across the Defence Sector, comprising six sub-sectors- the SAF, MINDEF, DSTA, DSO, Defence Industry and MINDEF-Related Organisations (MRO).

Our Vision

A World-Class Defence Cyber Organisation, respected for the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. In the face of evolving cyber threats, we are innovative, adaptive and resilient – working together, and with our partners, to secure our Defence Information Infrastructure and defend against any potential adversaries.

Our Mission

The Defence Cyber Organisation is to secure our Defence Information Infrastructure and defend against threats in the cyber domain, in order to enhance Singapore's peace and security.

Our Organization

Defence Cyber Organisation

DCO is formed by the Cyber Security Division, the Plans and Policy Directorate, and the Cyber Security Inspectorate. A fourth, the Cyber Defence Group, under the SAF, reports to both the Chief of Defence Force and the Defence Cyber Chief.


Cyber Security Division


The operational arm of the DCO, the Cyber Security Division provides 24/7 oversight and monitoring of the cyber security of different Defence Sector agencies and are the first-responders to cyber-attacks.


Plans and Policy Directorate

The Plans and Policy Directorate oversees the overall cyber defence capability development for DCO and governance policy of the Defence Sector, and leads efforts to foster greater engagement with international partners.


 Cyber Security Inspectorate

The Cyber Security Inspectorate strengthens the Defence Sector’s cyber defence through the conduct of vulnerability assessment.


SAF Cyber Defence Group (CDG)

The SAF Cyber Defence Group is responsible for the 24/7 cyber defence of the SAF’s warfighting networks.