Steadfast and Vigilant – SAFVC Promotion Ceremony

Steadfast and Vigilant – SAFVC Promotion Ceremony

Consisting of more than 800 volunteers, the SAFVC is full of committed and dedicated SVs with the heart to serve. Often deployed to work alongside Regulars, Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) and National Servicemen (NSmen), they perform roles that support SAF's operations and training.   

Last Saturday, the SAFVC promoted over 90 SVs from the rank of SV1 to SV2 in recognition of their performance and commitment since their enlistment into the SAFVC. We caught up with some of the promotees on this special occasion to hear what they have to say!

SV2 Aqilah Binte Juma'in, Auxiliary Security Trooper

SV2 Aqilah Binte Juma'in, Auxiliary Security Trooper

When SAFVC was inaugurated back in 2015, SV2 Aqilah Binte Juma'in decided to join as a volunteer. At that time, her brother was also in the SAF and watching him serve, she was extremely motivated to do her part in defending the country.

When she broke the news to her friends and family, they were very supportive of her decision. "Both my friends and family were surprised when I shared with them about my decision to join as an SV, but they were also very supportive as I have always been the adventurous and daring type."

As an educator, Aqilah often shares her experience volunteering as a SV with her students to inspire them to contribute to the society. "I include what I have learnt from my experience to the lessons that I conduct in class. This has in turn inspired some girls in my class to step up and do their bit for National Defence. I feel that it is not only about the men and soldiers who gave up their time to keep our country safe, but it is each individual's responsibility to do our part. This is why I signed up with the SAFVC."

SV2 Michael John Ryan, Auxiliary Security Trooper

SV2 Michael John Ryan, Auxiliary Security Trooper

When asked what motivated him to volunteer as a SV, SV2 Michael John Ryan was quick to answer, "Why not?" 

Growing up in Melbourne, Michael spent several years as a Red Cross volunteer. When the opportunity to volunteer arose, he naturally signed up for it. "I was marking ten years of living in Singapore when I applied. To me, it was an opportunity to serve and I felt that it was the ultimate level of service I could offer to contribute to the safety and defence of the land I call home."

Having served for almost four years, Michael is more active than ever, spending over 30 days a year serving as a volunteer despite having to manage his own cafe business. From his frequent interaction with Regulars, NSFs and NSmen, he finds himself inspired by their professionalism. "The men and women I've engaged with from the SAF have impressed me with their attitude and professionalism. They always encourage me to perform to the best of my ability. I've been able to apply much of my learning back to the civilian world and I look forward to the continued growth ahead."

Michael also shared that one of his most memorable moments was when he visited the Kranji War Memorial. Looking at the towering walls with names of the fallen soldiers, he felt an immense rush of emotions. "When I was walking around reading names on the wall, it hit me that many men and women sacrificed their lives defending Singapore. This makes me cherish the peace we have now, and strengthened my resolve to volunteer."

The SAFVC has come a long way since its inauguration. Over the last four years, they have groomed competent and passionate SVs with the heart to serve. We wish all SVs who are promoted all the best in their future endeavours in Our Army and hope they spread the joy to serve to others as well!

Steadfast and Vigilant!

Written by: LCP Gershwin Lim
Photography by: CPL Isaac Benjamin Ong