My Commander and I

My Commander and I

As we congratulate the newly commissioned officers who graduated from the recent Officer Cadet Course (OCC), let us not forget the hard work and steadfast dedication of all commanders and trainers who have made this possible. Do you remember 2LT Shamus Lim Shi Hoe, who had just graduated from OCC earlier this year? Having learnt much from his journey in Officer Cadet School (OCS), he now continues to inspire and help aspiring officers as an instructor in OCS.

Back when he was in OCS, 2LT Shamus was troubled by an old injury, but strengthened his resolve to never fall behind nor give up. He was determined to overcome his physical discomfort and stay focused, eventually completing the demanding course.

Now an Assistant Platoon Commander, he constantly places his cadets' interests above his own and finds ways to improve their training experience. 2LT Matthias Weaser, Infantry Officer, was one of the many cadets whom 2LT Shamus managed to impact positively during the OCC.

During the course, 2LT Matthias dislocated his shoulder while rehearsing for his Summary Exercise. Garnering experience from his past injury, 2LT Shamus empathised with 2LT Matthias and aided him in every way possible so that he would get the best out of every training. Besides monitoring his recovery from injury, 2LT Shamus also went the extra mile to do the necessary ground coordination for 2LT Matthias to learn through observation of the various trainings and not lag behind his peers due to his injury.

Now newly commissioned as an Officer, 2LT Matthias looks up to 2LT Shamus as a role model and expressed how 2LT Shamus upheld high standards befitting of a commander for others to emulate. "After a few months into Professional Term, 2LT Shamus reminded us that (as commanders-to-be), 'we should not expect anyone to prompt us to maintain high standards or to lead by example'. 2LT Shamus also struck the right balance between being stern and showing empathy when it was needed the most. This is why everyone in my platoon respected him so much and the reason why I want to follow his example."

The Army would like to commend 2LT Shamus for his outstanding attitude towards training future leaders, and hopes that he continues to be a beacon of inspiration to everyone around him. 

To Lead, To Excel, To Overcome!

Written By: REC Gershwin Lim

Photography By: LCP Cyril Tang