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6th Singapore Division
Swift and Deadly

In War, 6 DIV is to plan and conduct operations as part of our Army's mission to secure a swift and decisive victory.

In Peace, 6 DIV is to maintain the Combined Arms Division at a high state of operational readiness for a spectrum of operations, as part of the Army's efforts to deter aggression. 

Today, the Division stands proud amidst its many accomplishments, having forged ties with our foreign counterparts through bilateral training, and organised National Day Parade as well as Army Open Houses.

We’ve won the 21km Army Half Marathon consecutively, the annual dragon boat competition Regatta and hosted our Cobra Challenge for many years with pride. Through these events, in each and every year, we see soldiers sweat, we see them pressured, we see them pushed to their limits, but never do they give up. This is the spirit of Cobra, the spirit of excellence that commits us to our training, our exercises and our conduct. THIS is the spirit that we hold, and will continue to hold so long as we exist. This is because…



The 6th Singapore Division traces its roots to the HQ Reserve, which contained the initial reserve units of National Service. As the HQ Reserve expanded in size, there bore a need for the reserve units to be trained and organised into proper brigades and Division HQs. Within 3 months of the Division’s formation, the Division HQ was poised to take charge of a brigade on its own, and in November 1976, HQ 6 SIB, the third reserve brigade, was formed under our Command.

In 1991, the Army went through a round of reorganisation, and the 6th Singapore Division became a Combined Arms Division, possessing the operational readiness to plan and conduct operations to secure a swift and decisive victory in times of war, housing an Infantry and Armour Unit among others. In 1994, the Division’s operational readiness was enhanced with the addition of active units, further improving our capabilities.

In the 2000s, HQ 6 Division was relocated to Mandai Hill Camp, SAF’s first model camp. It provides the Division with infrastructure that will benefit a Combined Arms Division (CAD), and a unique opportunity to be in close proximity to the sub-units, bringing greater operational and administrative efficiency.

The 6th Singapore Division continues to keep our Active and NS units in a high state of operational readiness, while serving as the Centre of Excellence for our Army’s Brigade Headquarters Training. Guided by the Cobra Spirit, we strive to build a Competent, Committed and Cohesive Cobra Family and push our Army’s Combined Arms Training to greater heights. SWIFT AND DEADLY, COBRAs!