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3rd Singapore Division
Foremost and Utmost

The 3rd Singapore Division is an interdisciplinary combined arms unit, consisting of Infantry, Armour, Artillery, Combat Service Support, Combat Engineers, Signals, Intelligence and Air Defence. The 3rd Singapore Division promises to do its utmost in all undertakings, to succeed even when success is only a remote possibility and achieving this, while reaching beyond all conceivable limits. The division is not only capable, but is continuously striving towards ever-challenging realms, and taking training to new heights.


Building The Tiger Family
In recent times, 3rd Singapore Division has been known to be a premier division that spearheads innovation for new operational concepts, but it hasn’t always been this way. During its inauguration on 31 August 1970, the Division was conceived to serve as a Command HQ and an Infantry Senior Specialist Staff Officer (SSSO) HQ. Then, it commanded 6 units under the name Area III Command HQ.

In 1976, the Division went through a re-designation, operating under the name 3rd Singapore Infantry Division, taking charge of a new roster of sub-units. But major revamp didn’t take place till 1991, when it became the 1st Combined Arms Division.

Under this new formation, the Division integrated infantry elements with various support arms, creating an ever-ready force prepared for any peacetime contingency. Under this new combination, the Division became the Army’s principal test bed for the development of new battle concepts and tactics for land operations.

On 4 January 1995, the Division was once again re-organised, this time combining NS and active units, reflecting the equality between them in terms of operational readiness and capabilities. During this revamp, the Division as given its touchstone Insignia.

Trudging ahead, 3rd Singapore Division aspires to continue breaking grounds, training the next generation of soldiers to be ready to deal with a whole spectrum of operations from peace to hot war situations, upholding the shared vision to build a Tiger Family – the Premier Division.