Have You Met: IDTC CSM Trainer - 1WO Muhd Hamza

Have You Met: IDTC CSM Trainer - 1WO Muhd Hamza

This week, we speak to 1st Warrant Officer (1WO) Muhd Hamza, a trainer in the Island Defence Training Centre (IDTC). His current appointment is a Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Trainer in the Military Police (MP) team who trains MP NSmen units.

Could you share with us your past experiences as a trainer?

Every trainer plays a crucial role in preparing soldiers for their responsibilities. I have been a trainer since 2015, and it has been a fulfilling journey despite the challenges and stressors that come with the job. One of my biggest challenges is to ensure that our training approach continues to stay relevant and effective to capture the attention of our current generation.  Despite these challenges, this has been a fulfilling tour and I look forward to more experiences.

How do you ensure your trainees are training safely?

1. Before commencing any training program, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive assessment and screening of trainees using the Risk Assessment Card (RAC). Their medical history, physical fitness, and skill competency should also be checked. Identifying pre-existing medical conditions is crucial as we can keep an additional lookout for them and also allows us to customise the training to meet their needs.    

2. Only qualified trainers are allowed to conduct the training, so as to ensure safe and proper knowledge transfer.    

3.  In addition, a proper work-rest cycle and being equipped with appropriate Personnel Protective Equipment, such as helmets and gloves, contribute to safe training.

Then-2WO Muhd Hamza (middle) with recruits from 1st Company 
during their BMT Graduation Parade.

Could you share with us some memorable moments as a trainer?

In 2015, I witnessed my first batch of trainees/recruits completing their training and graduated from the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC). It was a memorable and proud moment for me to see them transforming from boys to men.

Some other memorable moments were on occasions when I met up with my former trainees during their In-Camp Training (ICT). At the end of the ICT, not only did they express gratitude and compliment on the conduct of the training, they also shared that they were looking forward to coming back for future ICTs, clearly demonstrating the positive impact we, as trainers, have on them.

What inspires you as a trainer in the army?
There are a few things that inspire me as a trainer:    

1. Being able to mentor and equip NSmen with the necessary competencies to perform their duties.
2. Understanding that my training efforts contribute to national defence and security.

3. Teaching and training offer opportunities for personal growth and skill development.

Then-3WO Muhd Hamza, CSM of Law Enforcement and Ceremonial Company (LECC), inspecting the Guard of Honor (GOH) contingent from SAF MP Command during the SAF Day Parade 2013.

As a trainer, why is it important to forge a positive relationship with your trainees? Does this have any effect on maintaining high training standards?
It's crucial to establish a positive connection with trainees. Building mutual trust and respect between trainees and trainers fosters a positive relationship. When trainees have faith in and respect their trainers, they are more inclined to pay attention, comply with instructions, and take training seriously. Trainees who feel valued and supported are more motivated to excel in training, leading to higher performance levels and a commitment to maintaining training standards.

Do you have anything to say to your trainees this teachers' day?
Each training session is an opportunity to learn. Always do your best. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to serving our country.
What do you have to say to motivate or encourage fellow teachers/trainers?
I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all our dedicated trainers who play a pivotal role in grooming the future of our Army. Continue to stay passionate, as your enthusiasm is infectious and will ignite a love for learning in your trainees!
Train Safely! Mission Success! Safety Always!

✍️ : LCP Nigel Ang (Army News)
📷 : LCP Ryan Liew (Army News) and 1WO Hamza